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Woman Faces Breast Cancer Diagnosis with Positive Spirits

Kambri Crews, a comedy bar owner in New York felt something odd in her breasts sometime in March and had it examined. Little did she know that she was about to receive news that would change her life forever. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.

breast cancer

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According to Crews, she never really was the type of person who regularly gives herself checks, but when she accidentally felt the lump on her breast, she knew something was wrong. She had to undergo a series of tests until finally, the results came in.

It was already late August when she received the news. She was stocking inventory in the basement of her comedy bar when she got the call.

breast cancer

Kambri Crews/Twitter

“My first thought, I’m sure almost everyone’s first thought is, ‘I’m going to die,'” she said, “‘I guess I’ve got to sign over my life insurance and who’s going to take care of my dogs?’ I had all those morbid mortality thoughts. I’m discovering now, as people are telling me their stories and I’m learning more, that there are lots of other women, most people can get through this okay at the end.”

Despite the negative connotation surrounding breast cancer, Crews still manages to look at it in a positive light. After knowing that she might not be able to work at her bar for days because of her treatment, she and her husband decided to record a video and share it with their friends and family through Facebook.

All throughout her ordeal, she has been very positive about everything, even posting quirky pictures of herself after the procedure.

breast cancer

Inside Edition

“I’m not going to crawl up in a ball and cry and be depressed,” Crews thought. “The bills still have to be paid, the theater still has to be run, I still have two dogs that need to be walked and fed, and a husband who cares about me.”

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