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Woman Posts Photos Of Herself In Different Pant Sizes To Show That Size Doesn’t Matter

The fashion industry is different for women than it is for men. Women’s pants often come without pockets, after all, in a bid to appear “slimming,” even though they’re not functional or practical. Even when women’s jeans and trousers do have pockets, they’re infinitesimally smaller than men’s pockets. Tumblr user leavethew0rldbehindyou recently brought attention to the subject by revealing pants in three different sizes that each fit her perfectly. This proves that the size on the tag is nothing. It’s arbitrary. Let’s talk about that.

The Evolution Of Size

Several years ago, the Washington Post published an article explaining how sizes have evolved. Clothing sizes apparently operate the same way as inflation, as WaPo stated that today’s size 8 is the same thing as a 16 back in the 1950s.


Interestingly, a 1950s size 8 doesn’t have a match in modern times. Turns out that it measures smaller than today’s 00. Think about that a second.

The Fallacy Of Vanity Sizing

Today’s clothing issues are all about vanity sizing. That’s also why sizes aren’t equal across the board. Clothing manufacturers think that sizing down the measurements on jeans, tops, and dresses will make women feel better about themselves—because they believe they’re smaller and skinnier than they actually are.


In truth, however, this just makes women feel awful. They come out of one store sure that they’re a size 6, only to discover that they can only fit into a size 9 in another store.

The Average Woman

The clothing sizes we “enjoy” in the modern era are the product of an attempt by the government to figure out The Average American Woman—emphasis on “figure.” During the Depression, government officials went around measuring a sample size of the female population. Although the study itself failed, the idea of putting meaningless measurements on clothes persisted—and here we are today.

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Has the sizing on a pair of pants or a shirt ever made you miserable? The number on the tag doesn’t matter. Pay more attention to how your clothes fit, and how you feel in them.

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