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20 Year-Old Woman Allegedly Plotted To Kill Her Husband To Escape An Arranged Marriage

The concept of arranged marriage is long forgotten in many western cultures, but that is not the case for all parts of the world. In Pakistan, for instance, arranged marriages are still in effect – but that does not mean everyone supports them.

After one young woman was forced to marry a man she did not love, she developed a deadly plan to break herself out.

A Dastardly Plot

According to several reports, a 20-year-old woman named Aasia Bibi was forced into an arranged marriage with a man named Amjad. Police claim that Bibi, not wanting to remain in the marriage, plotted to poison her husband with the help of a man alleged to be her lover, Shahid, and his aunt, Zarina.

The group reportedly contaminated a container of milk with a highly toxic substance under the assumption that Amjad would drink it. But then things took an unexpected turn for the worse…

An Unfortunate Turn Of Events

While the poisoned milk was only intended for Bibi’s husband, he instead used it to make lassi – a traditional yogurt and milk-based drink – for his family. This assassination attempt quickly transformed into a massacre.

New York Post

Unaware of the poisoned drink, 13 of the 14 family members who consumed it had died as of October 24, 2017. Others remained hospitalized. Recent reports bring the death toll as high as 17 victims. Charged with murder, Bibi denied all allegations, even blaming her lover for the murders. “Shahid told me to poison the beverage but I didn’t do it,” she said. “He [Shahid] asked me to marry him but I refused.”

When this story became public, people’s responses to it were complicated, to say the least.

A Crime That Is Far Too Common

While the overall consensus demonstrated that this story was tragic, many remained conflicted. They admitted that the woman’s alleged actions were undeniably wrong, but some said she had no other choice.


Bibi’s previous attempts to persuade her parents out of this arranged marriage all failed. She even tried running away at points, but was forcefully returned to her husband. Unfortunately, incidents of poisoning are fairly common in areas where families still push arranged marriages through. Women like Bibi may see themselves with no other options and turn to fatal measures in the hope of finding freedom.

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