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Woman on Deathbed Granted Final Wish to Say Goodbye to Her Horse

A 58-year-old woman at a hospice in Germany was granted her final wish to say goodbye to her beloved horse after her condition took a turn for the worse. The medical personnel along with the employees of the riding school immediately made arrangements to transport the beloved Iceland mare to Klinikum Furth hosptial for the special reunion.

Klinikum Fürth/Facebook

The clinic shared pictures of the heartwarming meeting between the dying patient and her horse, Dana. “Now, in the presence of her family, the patient has once again been able to pet her former care horse – a moving moment for everyone,” a part of the caption said. Family members helped the patient to raise her hand to touch and caress the nose of the horse she had been missing for so long. The beautiful reunion happened at the courtyard outside the clinic.

Klinikum Fürth/Facebook

This is not the first time a person was granted a special goodbye to their horse. In 2014, 77-year-old cancer patient Sheila marsh from Britain was also granted her request to see and touch her beloved horse of 25 years.

During this meeting, a nurse shared that the horse, named Bronwen, walked steadily towards Sheila upon seeing her on a bed at the car park of the hospital.

Sheila encouraged the horse to come and Bronwen lovingly kissed the old woman on her cheek as she whispered her goodbyes. This beautiful reunion also brought tears and warm feelings to everyone who witnessed the scene.

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