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These People Accidentally Texted Their Bosses and it’s Mortifying

The text message has become a critical part of the way we communicate with each other but sometimes, we make mistakes in our texts. That’s OK most of the time. It’s not OK when the recipient is our boss and we’ve said something really stupid, just like these people. Also, their mistakes are hilarious. Check them out.

It’s A Bad Idea To Get Sexy With The Boss

This could have been much, much worse. At least, this boss worked out that the text was an accident and not some sort of sexual harassment.

There’s A Time And Place, This Was Not That Time

Every boss knows that if you’re sending them a message at 4 a.m. it’s because you’re too drunk to come to work. Seriously, don’t do it.

The Not So Bella Donna

A pro-tip would be – don’t boast about skipping work to anyone in writing. Even if you don’t send it to your boss, it’s just evidence against you in the future.

The Chains Of Love

It’s 2017, If you want to get into BDSM in your spare time, who are we to judge? However, if you send us pics of yourself engaged in the practice, we’re judging and so is your boss.

A Declaration Of Passion!

This one’s really not so bad. It’s embarrassing, sure, but unless you’ve been coming on to your boss at work, it’s always going to be taken for the mistake that it is.

The Miracle Of Resurrection

It takes a sick person to fake a relative’s death to take a week off work. We’d have fired them too, that’s a permanent breakdown in trust.

An Expensive Pina Colada

“If you like Pina Coladas,” sang Rupert Holmes in his famous song “Escape.” He then spoke of taking walks in the rain rather than bragging to your boss about it via text.

Typos Can Really Ruin The Mood

This is more funny than terrible. Typos happen, and we’ve all found ourselves sending the wrong words to someone at some point. At least this boss is laughing.

Please Don’t Send Boob Pics

Ladies, just like the gentlemen, it’s a bad idea to take intimate pics of yourself and start sending them electronically. You never know when you’ll misdial your boss or anyone else.

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