Jade Lanegan / 2 days
Will Gardner / 23 hours
Jade Lanegan / 23 hours
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This Florida Mom’s Bird Painting Started A Hilarious Internet Chain Reaction

What started out as a fun night out with friends for Cindi Decker soon turned into a worldwide internet sensation. What sort of scandalous activity di...

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This 7-Year-Old Sprinter Pitted As ‘The Next Usain Bolt’ Is Going Viral For His Lightening-Fast Clips
Will Gardner / 2 days
Life Hacks Jade Lanegan 2 days
Cardio Hacks: 5 Yoga Moves That Will Get Your Heart Pumping
Jade Lanegan / 2 days
OMG! Will Gardner 3 days
5 Lucky People Who Knew Celebrities Before They Were Famous (And Have Proof)
Will Gardner / 3 days
Jade Lanegan / 6 days
Jade Lanegan / 4 days
Will Gardner / 5 days
Cute Jade Lanegan 3 days
This Dog-Loving T.V. Host Gave A Homeless Pup The Perfect Pet Store Trip

Any dog-parent knows that our four-legged friends can find joy almost anywhere. However, one location is truly a puppy paradise: the pet store. From t...

Cute Will Gardner 6 days
People Share The Random Acts Of Kindness Strangers Did For Them, And It’ll Melt Your Winter Heart
Will Gardner / 6 days
Cute Jade Lanegan 1 week
Florida Mom’s Amateur Painting Incites A Sidesplitting Sensation On Social Media
Jade Lanegan / 1 week
Cute Will Gardner 1 week
10-Year-Old Explores ‘Deflategate’ To Win Honorable Mention At Science Fair
Will Gardner / 1 week
Will Gardner / 3 weeks
Will Gardner / 3 weeks
Jade Lanegan / 3 weeks
Life Hacks Jade Lanegan 2 weeks
5 Creative Workouts For People Who Don’t Like Traditional Cardio Exercises

When it comes to cardio, not many people can say they truly enjoy that side of the fitness spectrum. Running on the treadmill for 30 minutes just isn'...

Life Hacks Will Gardner 1 month
Keto Diet For Beginners: What You Should Know Before Starting
Will Gardner / 1 month
Life Hacks Will Gardner 1 month
5 Small But Helpful Hacks For Finding Calm Amid All The Chaos
Will Gardner / 1 month
Life Hacks Michael Berdy 2 months
Hilarious Parenting Hacks That Are Bound To Make Life With Children A Little Easier
Michael Berdy / 2 months
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
Jade Lanegan / 7 days
Jade Lanegan / 1 week
Entertainment Will Gardner 7 days
Maroon 5 Donates Their $500,000 Super Bowl Fee To Help Kids Across The Country

American pop rock sensation Maroon 5's recent Superbowl halftime show was definitely a memorable one. The group was set to make a nice sum of cash fro...

Entertainment Jade Lanegan 2 weeks
This Man Flawlessly Photoshops Himself Into Kendall Jenner’s Pictures Like He’s Her Twin
Jade Lanegan / 2 weeks
Entertainment Will Gardner 2 weeks
5 Photo That Show Genius Hacks By People Destined To Be Creative Problem-Solvers
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
Entertainment Will Gardner 2 weeks
Bank Employee Gives Co-Workers A ‘Spider-Man Farewell’ Before Quitting
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
Jade Lanegan / 5 days
Jade Lanegan / 4 days
Will Gardner / 4 days
Impact Will Gardner 3 days
Waiter ‘Plays Wing Man’ To Save Man Struggling To Pay For Date

Sweaty palms, adjusting the tie, nervous laughter, and staring into one another’s eyes are often visible signs of a couple on their first date. When a...

Impact Jade Lanegan 6 days
Generous Woman Bought Hotel Rooms For Homeless During Polar Vortex in Chicago
Jade Lanegan / 6 days
Impact Will Gardner 2 weeks
Good News For Families: Frontier Airlines Is Letting Kids 14 And Under Fly For Free
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
Impact Allie Lewis 2 weeks
Mother Makes a Heartfelt Plea After Her Son’s Birthday Party Plans Go Awry
Allie Lewis / 2 weeks
Will Gardner / 1 month
Jade Lanegan / 3 weeks
Will Gardner / 3 weeks
Innovation Jade Lanegan 1 week
5 Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know To Make Your Smartphone A Little Smarter

All the times you wished your smartphone worked just a bit better, you weren't alone. The handy gadgets, considered a necessity by many, weren't desig...

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Tired Of Depressing News? Here Are 5 Good Things That Happened In 2018
Jade Lanegan / 1 month
Innovation Jade Lanegan 2 months
Five Innovations From 2018 That Make Life Better On Our Planet
Jade Lanegan / 2 months
Innovation Will Gardner 2 months
These Heart-Shaped Islands Are The Perfect Destination For Any Travel Lover
Will Gardner / 2 months
Will Gardner / 1 week
Will Gardner / 7 days
Jade Lanegan / 1 week
OMG! Will Gardner 5 days
Couple Invites Weddings Guests To Wear Their Old Wedding Dresses, And We’re In Love With The Results

Every couple is allowed to plan their wedding according to their preferences. Some have traditional weddings, while others ignore tradition and have t...

OMG! Will Gardner 1 week
This $1,200 Self-Cleaning Smart Toilet Can ‘Take Care Of Business’ For Your Dog
Will Gardner / 1 week
OMG! Jade Lanegan 1 week
The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Dad’s Response To Sassy Toddler’s ‘Boyfriend’ Announcement
Jade Lanegan / 1 week
OMG! Will Gardner 1 week
The ‘Purr-fect’ Job: This Florida Humane Society Branch Is Looking For Volunteer Dog Snugglers
Will Gardner / 1 week