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Entertainment Will Gardner 15 hours
San Francisco Shelter Volunteer Finds Homes For Thousands Of Senior Dog

In the late 1990s, Sherri Franklin's love for animals led her to volunteer as a dog walker at her local SPCA. Though she was asked to give her time to...

Impact Jade Lanegan 4 days
Pregnant Teen Gives Her Own Breast Milk To Adoptive Parents, Inspiring Others
Jade Lanegan / 4 days
Cute Will Gardner 4 days
Grandson Takes 89-Year-Old Grandmother On The Ultimate Road Trip To See All 61 U.S. National Parks
Will Gardner / 4 days
OMG! Will Gardner 6 days
Meet The Humble Sherpa Who Holds The Records For Most Climbs To The Top Of Mt. Everest At 24 Ascents
Will Gardner / 6 days
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Jade Lanegan / 2 weeks
Cute Jade Lanegan 5 days
Meet Madame Suzelle Poole: The 78-Year-Old Ballerina Who’s Been Dancing For Seven Decades

Madame Suzelle Poole started ballet at the tender age of seven. Her incredible ability and love for ballet allowed the art to become her life for 70 y...

Cute Michael Roque 2 weeks
Don’t Be Fooled By Appearances, These Cute Animals Are Not As Innocent As They Seem
Michael Roque / 2 weeks
Cute Jade Lanegan 2 weeks
Dog Plays Dead With Her Street Performer Owner, And It Will Melt Your Heart
Jade Lanegan / 2 weeks
Cute Will Gardner 2 weeks
Couple Waits 9 Years To Open Wedding Gift Only To Find Heartwarming ‘Marriage Guide’
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
Jade Lanegan / 2 months
Jade Lanegan / 3 weeks
Jade Lanegan / 4 weeks
Life Hacks Michael Roque 2 weeks
Knowing These Mall Secrets Can Help You Shop ‘Til You Drop Without Falling Prey To Consumer Gimmicks

1. Best Selling Items To The Back One of the most common mall secrets involves shopkeepers putting their hottest items toward the back of the store. ...

Life Hacks Jade Lanegan 2 months
‘Plant Power’ Proves To Increase Productivity At Work
Jade Lanegan / 2 months
Life Hacks Michael Berdy 3 months
She Was Constantly The Bridesmaid, So She Decided To Do Something About It
Michael Berdy / 3 months
Life Hacks Will Gardner 3 months
5 Of The Top Questions About Cell Phone Batteries Answered
Will Gardner / 3 months
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Entertainment Jade Lanegan 2 days
Circus Swaps Real Animals For Holograms to End Animal Cruelty

Have you ever been to the circus? If so, then you'll know that most shows use clowns, magicians, and acrobats to entertain their audiences. Of course,...

Entertainment Jade Lanegan 3 weeks
Teacher Creates Google Doc ‘Cheat Sheet’ To Learn Generation Z Slang, And Internet Is Giving It An A+
Jade Lanegan / 3 weeks
Entertainment Nicole Crump 4 weeks
5 Of The Silliest Social Media Challenges To Have Swept The Internet
Nicole Crump / 4 weeks
Entertainment Will Gardner 2 months
Bride Recalls The Awkward Moment Her Mother-In-Law Wore A Wedding Dress To Her Son’s Wedding
Will Gardner / 2 months
Kendall Breitman / 2 weeks
Will Gardner / 1 week
Jade Lanegan / 1 week
Impact Jade Lanegan 6 days
This Italian Town Uses Silent Fireworks In An Effort To Help Anxious Pets

Fireworks are fun to watch in the summertime season, especially for the Fourth of July. They’re colorful, festive, and loud—but maybe too loud for som...

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Woman Saves Injured Dog By Carrying 55-Pound Pooch On Her Shoulders For 6 Hours Down A Mountain
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
Impact Will Gardner 2 weeks
This 60-Year-Old Mailman Spends His Days Off Dutifully Tending To Headstones Of Fallen Soldiers
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
Impact Kendall Breitman 2 weeks
After Sharing Her Salary Online, A Stranger Messaged This Arizona Teacher And It Changed Her Life
Kendall Breitman / 2 weeks
Michael Roque / 3 weeks
Will Gardner / 3 weeks
Jade Lanegan / 3 weeks
Innovation Michael Berdy 2 weeks
A Mysterious Illness Left Him Bedridden For 11 Years, Then This College Dropout Stunned Doctors

1. On The Right Track It was the beginning of 21-year-old Doug Lindsay's senior year of college. He had just finished a summer program researching bi...

Innovation Will Gardner 1 month
You Can Get A Bracelet That Shocks You Into Breaking Bad Habits
Will Gardner / 1 month
Innovation Will Gardner 1 month
Here’s The Fascinating History of the Smiley Face Emoji
Will Gardner / 1 month
Innovation Kendall Breitman 2 months
These Lessons From The Amish Will Help You Save A Ton Of Money
Kendall Breitman / 2 months
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
Will Gardner / 1 week
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
OMG! Jade Lanegan 1 week
Stray Dog Saves Abandoned Baby By Keeping Newborn Warm Along With Her Own Puppies

For generations, there's been a strong connection between humans and canines. A recent story from rural Argentina shows another heartwarming example o...

OMG! Will Gardner 2 weeks
This Canadian Scientist Locked Himself In ‘Man-Made Jar’ For The Environment And Took The Internet By Storm
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
OMG! Jade Lanegan 2 weeks
NASA Is Running ‘End Of The World’ Experiments And Nobody Knows About It
Jade Lanegan / 2 weeks
OMG! Kendall Breitman 3 weeks
How A Classroom Icebreaker Led This Woman To A Life-Changing Discovery About Her Past
Kendall Breitman / 3 weeks