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10 Deadly Roads You Should Avoid Traveling On

I don’t know about you, but I want to travel the world and see all the breathtaking sights. Wanderlust can be hard to feed because there is just so many places to see, the list just gets longer and longer. Well, I can help you minimize your bucket list but telling you NOT to go. You know what would prevent you from traveling all around the world? Dying. Sorry, not to be dramatic but if you thought your highway was bad, you should check out these roads scattered across the road. You know how you can tell a road is unsafe? When people literally refer to it as the road of death (or some variation of that). Seriously, if you exploring the countryside of, let’s say Italy, and you come across a road lined with a bunch of memorials from car accidents, that’s a good indication of maybe you should TURN AROUND.

Anyway, whether you decide to be a dare devil or not, here are 10 deadly roads you should avoid traveling on.

10. The Stelvio Pass



Maybe this is what Paul McCartney was picturing when he was writing his song, The Long and Winding Road. This is a road that goes through the Alps in Northern Italy that leads to Switzerland. Sure, it is probably a nice peaceful route as you go higher and higher into the Alps (your ears will definitely pop at 2,757m above sea level), but it won’t be so peaceful when you skid off the road. No railings to prevent you from flying off the mountain so you better actually follow that speed limit or even drive at the rate of a cautious grandma. Plus, the road is very narrow yet you have to share it with bikers/motorcyclists/people going in the opposite direction. Good luck maneuvering that!

9. Karnali Road, Nepal



This deadly road in the Himalayas of West Nepal causes around 50 deaths PER YEAR. The only reason why people risk their lives to travel on this road is because it is the only way to travel from Jumla to Surkhet. The terrain basically makes it undrivable, along with its potholes, narrow curves, occasionally monsoons, and the fact that you could fall down the mountain into a river. You should get a medal if you survive those long 18 hours it takes to get between the two districts.

8. Cotopaxi Volcan Road

This lovely road in Ecuador links the Pan American Highway to the entrance to Cotopaxi Volcan National Park. If you decide you have to go see this park, you will be traveling on a 25-mile long road that is completely unpaved. So in order not to die (or ruin your car) you simply have to avoid potholes you won’t be able to see and to cross the occasional stream that may or may not be flooding. Also, if you couldn’t tell by the name, there is an ACTIVE volcano, Cotopaxi Volcano, that could erupt on your way to the park.

7. The Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road

I’m beginning to learn that if a road is on a mountain, it is best to avoid it. This curvy road is in the northeastern part of Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece is only about 14.6 miles but dangerous nonetheless. Again, there are no railings to protect you from going over the mountain if you don’t hit the breaks fast enough or your car dramatically trips over a pothole. Forget driving on this road at night because it is so hard to tell as it is where the edge of the road is during the day, it is nearly impossible at night. Plus, for a cautious road, people sure like to travel on it, whether by foot, bike, bus, or car so you have to look out for that too.

6. A44

Google Maps

Google Maps

This road in Wales has made the list of world’s dangerous roads but not basically you have the risk of falling off a mountain. The road itself is fine, it’s the UK’s oh-so-great drivers you need to worry about. There have been way too many accidents because of drivers not seeing what’s in front of them and thus why most of these accidents are head-on collisions. Bad rep for a major highway in the UK. Between the bad weather and impatient drivers, it is best to avoid this road.

5. Atlantic Road, Norway

Do I even need to tell you why this is a deadly road? I mean, just look at this photo of what can happen when you are cruising down it. Sure, driving down it will feed your wanderlust, but you also might want to throw up as you are crossing one of its eight bridges not too high above the sea. It is one of the most famous scenic drives in Norway so a lot of tourists do risk it. My advice would be, just don’t drive it during a storm or windy weather so you don’t end up like this truck.

4. The Guoliang Tunnel

Tunnel, road, same thing because either way, it is a very deadly one. You are literally driving through the Taihang Mountains in China that workers carved through for 5 years to create a pathway to the village of Guoliang. Before that, you had to walk up a very steep stairwell on the side of the mountain to get to this village so I guess this is a better and faster option. It will definitely be a drive you will remember as you travel through the cave like tunnel but the views are spectacular, hence why it is a tourist attraction. Just be careful while you are driving because if you cause an accident or swerve off the path, you are pretty much screwed.

3. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway

This is one long ass deadly road and it is becoming apparent that if the highway belongs to two places, then it is probably one you should avoid. It runs 2,142km long from Chengdu of Sichuan, a province in central China to Lhasa in Tibet on the west. The death toll for this road is about 7,500 deaths per 100,000 people who travel on it. I don’t know about you but I’d rather not be one of those 7,500 people. Let’s see what can kill you: landslides, avalanches, falling rocks, bad weather, falling off the mountain, and basically any mistake you make. If you survive all that, you still might be throwing up and dealing with a headache from the altitude and fast-changing seasons (part of your drive will be in the spring, the other part in the winter). Yet, many brave tourists do it because it is one of the most beautiful drives you will ever take.

2. The Himalayan road

Seriously. Why is traveling on a mountain a thing? It is making me want to complain less about airplane rides. This deadly road is the highest road in the world that spans from Tibet to India. There is simply nothing easy about driving around on the Himalayan mountains. It is probably safer to climb the damn mountain than to drive on their roads. Most of the accidents and deaths, though, are because people think it is a good idea to pass each other on these narrow roads.

1. The A682 road



Oh, look, at least, this one has a railing but it is still on the deadly roads list because people keep dying on it. It’s a nice 14-mile drive from Lancashire to Long Preston, North Yorkshire in the UK but, unfortunately, it is really narrow and as we learned, drivers can’t handle narrow roads. It is known by the locals as a dangerous road but that doesn’t mean people avoid using it, as it has a lot of traffic. The road has claimed more than 100 lives over the past two years (that’s not normal so yes, that’s a lot) because it is curvy, there is a lot of blind spots and people like to speed along it.

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