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10 Magic Features On Your Cellphone That You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Ever wonder if you could do more on your cellphone than just browse Instagram? Well now, you can. There are tons of codes on your phone that can help you to do anything from hiding your phone number to checking your billing cycle. Most of them work for both iPhones and Androids too. Here are 10 magic features on your cellphone that you probably didn’t know about.

Call Me Maybe

One of the coolest codes that you can use on your phone will hide your number from other people’s caller ID. If you have an Android phone, then you’re in luck. All that you have to do is enter the code #31# into your device. Soon, you should see a pop-up that will let you know that your caller ID is deactivated. This feature is perfect for serial prank-callers. When you’re tired of popping up as a mystery number to literally everyone you know, just punch in the code *31# to reveal your digits again.

Another gem for Android users is a code that’ll let you check the remaining minutes on your prepaid phone. Simply use the code *646# to make sure that you don’t go overboard with the minutes on your cell phone plan. Apparently, this code works great for folks with a Samsung Galaxy, especially if you have AT&T’s unlimited plan. This is especially helpful for those who prefer to catch up with family and friends over the phone.

Surprisingly, there is a wacky code out there that’ll let you check your call forwarding. Even though most phones send your call to your voicemail if you don’t pick up, you can actually change the number that you’d like your calls to be sent to. By entering the code *#67# into your iPhone or Android, you’ll get the ball rolling for some awesome telephone tricks. If you have an iPhone, you can go into settings, tap ‘phone’, and press ‘call forwarding.’ For Androids, go into the Phone app, tap the ‘hamburger icon’, ‘settings,’ ‘call’, ‘more settings’, and ‘call forwarding’ to use this trick. It’s that easy!

Hotline Bling

If you spend too much time talking on your phone, you’ll probably want to check your bill balance. Android owners can type in the code *225# to see how much their phone bill will cost in advance. Once you dial the code, your phone should send you a text message with your latest invoice. Also, if you’re into activating call waiting, you can do it more quickly than you thought. The code *43# will unlock your Android phone’s call waiting mode. When you’re over this function, just type #43# to shut it off.

Those who are worried about their precious smartphone getting stolen can breathe a sigh of relief. Nowadays, you can find your special IMEI number that only belongs to your device. This way, you can blacklist your device if it’s stolen. Although this tip works for both iPhones and Androids, it doesn’t work with iPhones on Verizon plans. That being said, you can crack the code by punching *#06# into your phone and pressing the call button. Ta-da!

Crazily enough, your phone actually records your calls. Android fans can access this data on their phones and listen to voice recordings from their last 20 calls. This slightly creepy trick can be used by tapping the code *#*#8351#*#* into your phone. Who knows? You might just find that hidden convo that you were looking for!

Video Phone

In the unlikely incidence that the FBI is coming after you, Samsung peeps can wipe their phone clean in less than 30 seconds. Before you try this code, make sure that you’re really prepared to lose all your data. By typing in *#*# 7780*#*#, you can immediately turn your phone into the blank slate that it was when you bought it. This hack restores your phone to factory mode and deletes all of your apps too.

If you’re just curious about the strength of your Wi-Fi signal, or if you’ve killed your battery from playing Candy Crush, then you’re in for a treat. Android users can dial the code *#*#4636*#*# to have this info revealed. Now, there’s no excuse for saying that you have no service in the middle of a Starbucks.

Also, iPhone users can rejoice: it’s now effortless to get in touch with your elusive call center. By using the code *#5005*7672#, it’ll show you the best number that’ll let you get in touch with your service provider. With all of these cell phone hacks, you’re sure to be an iPhone hero before you know it!

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