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10-Year-Old Explores ‘Deflategate’ To Win Honorable Mention At Science Fair

Look, we’ve been to our fair share of science fairs. We’ve seen a couple volcano experiments and we’re pretty sure plants don’t grow faster if you sing to them. We’ve never actually seen Tom Brady’s name pop up at the science fair. Well, one 10-year-old in Lexington, Kentucky, conducted an experiment to determine whether or not Tom Brady is a cheater. Okay. So, is he?

Analyzing The Data

Ace Davis, of Millcreek Elementary, decided to take on the controversial topic of the ethics of Superbowl champions New England Patriots. Or lack thereof. Specifically, Davis focused his experiment on Deflategate, or the scandal in 2016 which led to Tom Brady sitting out four games and the Patriots forfeiting draft picks.

His method? The scientific one, of course. Davis used scientific experiments to determine whether or not “under-inflated footballs provide a competitive advantage in a game.” He displayed his findings in helpful charts and graphs.

The Conclusion

After his thoughtful experiment, Davis concluded that, “The Patriots were found guilty of doctoring football, thus losing $1,000,000 and future draft picks. Tom Brady is indeed a cheater.” And there you have it. Did you hear that, Giselle?

He also admitted his hatred of the Patriots inspired this project. He’s not necessarily an unbiased party. The ten-year-old told, “I hate Tom Brady. He’s been accused of cheating before. I want him to be caught.”

On To The District

The hard work and haterade paid off. Davis won Honorable Mention at his local science fair. His proud father posted a snap of his sporty scientist with the caption, “he is moving on to districts” and “Hater Level: 100.”

Who knows where Ace will go from here? He’s only 10 and there’s no shortage of scandals to debunk in the world of professional sports. We’re proud of you, Ace. Let’s just hope there aren’t any die-hard Patriots fans among the panel of judges at the district fair.

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