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102-Year-Old Woman Becomes Oldest Skydiver In The World

We told you age is nothing but a number. Don’t believe us? Meet Irene O’ Shea, an Australian woman who now holds the record for oldest skydiver in the world. She recently celebrated her birthday by plunging with instructor Jed Smith from a height of 14,000 feet in South Australia.

Ready, Set, Jump!

This is not O’ Shea’s first dive. She did one last year for her 101st birthday. She’s kind of a pro now. This jump does, however, give her the title of oldest skydiver.

Previously this record was held by New Jerseyan Kenny Meyer, who also made a dive at the ripe age of 102 in June of 2017. Only O’ Shea wins by 173 days. Before that, the record was held by a British D-Day veteran, Bryson William Verdun Hayes.

Diving For A Cause

Last year O’ Shea dedicated her jump to raise money and awareness for MNDA, or Motor Neuron Disease Association. MND is a debilitating disease that weakens nerves in the spinal cord and brain. She feels especially passionate about the cause as her daughter suffered from the disease.

“I lost my daughter to that terrible disease 10 years ago and I miss her,” O’ Shea told the Herald Sun. She’s raised 12,000 for MNDA so far and she’s hoping to raise an additional 10,000 with her second dive.

Crushed It

With the help of SA Skydiving, O’Shea made another successful jump. We can see video footage of O’Shea, bundled up in a white cable-knit sweater and hoodie, preparing for her jump and then sailing through the air, harnessed to instructor Jed Smith, thanks to the company.

“Irene and Jed completed a smooth, beautiful freefall, falling at 220kph [136.7 mph] through wispy clouds, before a smooth parachute opening,” SA Skydiving rep Matt Teager reported, before adding that O’ Shea, “was an absolute joy to have on the drop zone.” Upon landing, O’Shea was greeted by friends, children and grandchildren, who were delighted for her success and ready to keep the party going. Happy Birthday, Irene!

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