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107-Year-Old Louise Signore Shares Her Tongue-In-Cheek Secret To A Long Life

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In 1912, two Italian immigrants welcomed a baby girl into the world. Her name was Louise Signore, and she would grow up to become a lifelong resident of the greater Bronx, New York area. At first glance, Louise Signore may not seem to be a newsworthy woman, but the 107-year-old woman is making headlines for the humongous birthday bash she just had. More than one hundred people, including local newscasters, packed out the community senior center in Coop City to celebrate the long, ongoing life of one very special woman.

The Secret To Long Life

Louise attributes two factors to her long life. In addition to living for a long time, it should be noted that Louise is not simply surviving. She is thriving! Considering that she has very few health problems for a person of her age, Louise’s lifestyle may contain a few clues for longevity. She has never been married, and she eats a diet of Italian food. As part of her Italian centric diet, she makes a point of never eating too many cakes or sodas. Of course, she will eat cake for special occasions, like her big one hundred and seventh birthday party.

Although there are many people with very happy marriages, avoiding marriage has likely led to a lack of stress in Louise’s life. During the era when she would have been most likely to be a wife, it would have been common for her to have multiple children and be a stay at home mom. She has not had to deal with the physical strain of childbirth. Although many stay-at-home moms lead very active lifestyles, working in the Bronx for most of her adult life likely required plenty of walking, which has certainly improved her health.

Scientists have noted that the Mediterranean diet, rich in oils, vegetables, and whole foods, is one of the healthiest regional diets on earth. Although it contains a lot of carbs from bread and pasta, all of the nutrients make up for it. It has also long been noted that people are generally healthier when they limit their consumption of foods that are high in sugar and fat.

Life At 107

Louise Signore leads a very active life. As is shown by the fact that one hundred of her friends showed up for her birthday party, she still has a thriving social life. Although she is very elderly, she is still able to live alone without any assistance from family or caregivers. Her legs are strong enough that she does not need a cane or a walker to move around.

In her free time, she enjoys playing bocce ball and dancing with her friends. She participates in as many activities as possible at her local senior center. Louise does all of this despite being legally blind. This keeps both her brain and body active and healthy. She also has strong family ties. Although they do not live close to each other, Louise has a great relationship with her younger sister, who is also a centenarian.

A Great Outlook

We can all learn something from Louise Signore. Although she is legally blind, she is a very active participant in life. As she explained to local news, she signs up for every activity that she can at the local senior center. Many adults today joke about keeping to themselves, but this woman finds great joy in putting herself out there and meeting new people. Her example also shows that happiness and fulfillment in life does not depend on being married or having children.

Four years ago, she was robbed in her apartment, but this hasn’t stopped her from being an active member of her community. Louise obviously has a deep sense of inner joy and peace, and she will not let any adversity dull her shine. Louise’s matter-of-fact advice and kind spirit are taking the Internet by storm.

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