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111-Year-Old Woman Thanks Whisky for Her Longevity

Grace Jones, also known to her friends as “Amazing Grace” is a 111-year-old mom who has a very unlikely source for longevity – whisky.

Jones, who just recently celebrated her birthday, swears that she owes her long life to drinking scotch whisky every night just before going to bed. Her daughter, Deidre McCarthy, 79 yrs of age, says that “she’s been doing it for 58 years.”

Just last weekend, Jones celebrated her birthday with a back-to-back party. “She had a wonderful party on Saturday, followed by a lovely party on Sunday,” her daughter said.

McCarthy, on Monday, called in to check on her mother. She was expecting that her mother would be a little tired; after all, she is on her later years. Her mother’s response was not quite as she expected.

“When I said, ‘how are you mother?’ she said ‘full of beans’” exclaimed McCarthy. She also added that her mother has always been a go-getter, positive thinker and has always been taking care of herself and everyone else. She also lives on her own and loves reading and watching television.

Aside from that Jones also has an affinity for fashion. This goes to explain why she has a number of closets which are full of clothes.

“She always looks nice no matter when you go over,” McCarthy said.

When she was asked what her secret to longevity is, Jones would always say that her daily whisky intake has something to do with it. On the other hand, her daughter thinks that her outlook on life is what makes her a lot tougher.

According to McCarthy her mother never worries. “She doesn’t worry. She’s always said, ‘Worry doesn’t do you any good at all.’”

Whatever Jones’ secret is it seems to be working; it is evident that she has a lot of years more to come ahead of her.

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