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20 Foods You Shouldn’t Refrigerate

We all love food, but did you can actually damage your favorite foods by storing them wrong? It’s easy to just stick everything in the fridge and call it a day, but not all foods should be refrigerated! Actually, some things actually lose flavor and nutrients because of it! Here are 20 foods that should stay out of the fridge:

20. Onions

foods not to refrigerate- onions


Don’t put this smelly vegetable in the fridge! It’s best to keep onions in a paper bag, stored in a dark, cool cabinet or pantry space. If you do put them in the fridge, it’s easy for them to become soft and mushy. They could even mark their scent onto other nearby fruits and vegetables!

19. Avocados

foods not to refrigerate- avocado


If your avocado is unopened, simply store it on your counter at room temperature. Once opened, they can be stored in the fridge. However, be warned that they quickly lose their flavor once refrigerated, so try to use the whole avocado at once!

18. Fresh Herbs

foods not to refrigerate- herbs


If you have any fresh herbs that you want to store, create a nice little herb bouquet with them! Instead of squishing them all together in a baggie and leaving them in the fridge (because, let’s face it, we all do that), put them in a glass jar with some water roots down. The perfect way to store herbs!

17. Maple Syrup

foods not to refrigerate- maple syrup


Maple syrup, if refrigerated, will crystallize and become gloopy. Instead, leave it in its original container and store it in the pantry!

16. Peanut Butter

food you should never refrigerate- peanut butter


No need to refrigerate this delicious nut spread! Peanut butter will store just fine if kept in a cool, dark place. The pantry is always a good spot!

15. Bananas

foods you should never refrigerate- bananas

Lorraine Boogich/Istock

Don’t refrigerate this yummy fruit! Instead, keep them on the counter until ripe. If they happen to turn brown, you can always make some delicious banana bread out of them!

14. Melons

things not to refrigerate- melons


Melons are another good fruit to keep on the counter. Once refrigerated, these fruits tend to break down and become grainy. Keep them out of the fridge until cut and they’ll be even more delicious!

13. Coffee

things not to refrigerate- coffee


There is a common misconception that coffee needs to be kept in the fridge (or even in the freezer, yikes!) but this is not true. In fact, coffee tastes best when stored at room temperature because this allows the coffee’s natural oils to fully bloom and become fragrant. Yum!

12. Citrus fruits

foods not to refrifgerate- citrus


These too are good fruits to keep on the counter. Keep all of your citruses – oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, etc. – evenly spaced and at room temperature. If you bunch them all together or keep them in an enclosed space, they’re likely to mold. Eek!

11. Most Oils

foods not to refrigerate-oils

Sebastian Duda/Istock

Many of your common household oils are fine to keep stored at room temperature. The only exceptions to this are oils with a low saturated fat content, such as sunflower or safflower oil. These oils can be kept in a cool, dark cabinet or fridge door. But the rest are okay outside the fridge!

10. Salad Dressing

Getty Images

Getty Images

Just like your oils, many salad dressings are also fine to be stored outside the fridge! This is especially true of oil and vinegar based dressings. Just be careful with any dressings that have a cream, mayo, or yogurt base – these must be refrigerated!

9. Pickles

foods not to refrigerate- pickles


Pickles have a strong concentration of vinegar, which is a common preservative. This means that there is no need to refrigerate pickles! If you happen to prefer them cold, it is okay to keep them in the fridge, just leave them in the refrigerator door!

8. Winter Squashes


Keith Szafranski/Istock

All of your winter squashes, such as butternut squash, spaghetti squash, and acorn squash, do best when kept at room temperature. Otherwise, the squash can become mealy!

7. Ketchup

Getty Images

Getty Images

Ketchup does just fine when stored on the counter or pantry (even after it’s been opened!). Ketchup is also high in vinegar and other preservatives, making it well suited for storage outside the fridge. This is why the ketchup at restaurants and fast-food places is never cold!

6. Jam


Luis Alvarez/Istock

Jam also has a lot of preservatives (as do jellies). So, keep them in the pantry! This will make them easier to spread when you try to make those PB&J’s!

5. Berries



Berries have a very short shelf life and aren’t meant to be stored for more than one or two days. Whenever you buy fresh berries, keep them on the counter and eat them quickly! They’re so delicious, this shouldn’t be hard to do!

4. Potatoes



Don’t put your potatoes in the fridge! If your potatoes get too cold, the starches within them will quickly convert to sugar and give your potatoes a rather “off” flavor. To get the best flavor from potatoes, keep them stored in a cool, dark place within a paper bag. This is also the best way to store sweet potatoes!

3. Peppers

K M Asad/LightRocket via Getty Images

K M Asad/LightRocket via Getty Images

Just like potatoes, peppers do well when stored in a paper bag in a cool cupboard or pantry. This can be done with any type of pepper – chili, bell, or sweet!

2. Tomatoes



Tomatoes should not be stored in the fridge! If kept in your refrigerator, tomatoes will lose their flavor and break down, becoming mushy. Just leave them on the counter until ripe!

1. Bread

Deb Lindsey For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Deb Lindsey For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Keeping bread in the fridge will dry it out and even give it a stale taste, so keep it outside for the freshest bread you can have!

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