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23 Strange Jobs That Have Insanely High Salaries!

Everyone thinks that in order to be rich, you need to either be a doctor or lawyer or a celebrity or invent the next best thing. Yet, there are so many jobs out there that will give you a nice salary without you having to do much! Who says big paychecks come with a lot of hard work? A lot of these jobs don’t require much, other than putting up with how weird they are! Clearly, colleges aren’t giving us the right career advice. Check out these 23 strange jobs that you are going to wish you had after you see how much they pay. Even #15 is a reasonable option!

1. Bomb Disposal Diver (up to $100k)

This job is certainly a dangerous one. It involves doing some deep sea diving and looking for unexploded ordnance or UXOs (bombs, shells, grenades, and landmines). They have to then either dispose of them or simply collect them, but you never know if they are going to go off!

strange jobs

If you want this job, you are going to have to do a whole lot of training. Besides diving training, you also need explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) qualifications and know how to stay calm in stressful situations. You also can’t be claustrophobic and you have to be cool with being away from home for months. Are you up for the job?

2. A live mannequin (up to $100/hour)

Now this doesn’t sound fun. You would have to have a great deal of patience to stand still like a statue for hours. Being a live mannequin isn’t a common job but I guess some stores think it will bring in customers!

strange jobs

I mean, real mannequins are creepy enough with their soulless faces and weird postures but imagine walking by one that blinks. That would definitely terrify me! At least I know they are getting paid a lot to stand there all day!

3. Professional Bridesmaid ($300 to $2,000 per wedding)

Did you love being a bridesmaid at your friend/sister/whoever’s wedding? Wish you could do that again? Well, I have good news for you! You can actually be a professional bridesmaid for a living and this time, you don’t have to do it for free!

strange jobs

I’m not entirely sure why you would want some random person standing at the end of the aisle with but I guess sometimes it is nice to know at least one person will be well behaved. If you hire a bridesmaid, they will pose for your wedding photos, help with any planning and definitely not complain about what dress they have to wear!

4.  Fortune Cookie Writer ($28,00 to $75,000)

Obviously, someone writes those “profound” quotes on slips of paper you find in fortune cookies. The companies that produce them will hire people, usually high school students looking for a job or freelance writers that need some extra cash, to come up with sayings.

strange jobs

It is actually a bit harder than you think and be prepared for your fortune cookie boss to reject a lot of your suggestions. They have to be able to relate to everyone who reads it and they also have to not be offensive. I guess aspiring writers have to start somewhere!

The next one is pretty desirable. Can you guess what it is?

5.  Master Sommelier ($80K/year)

If you are a master sommelier, you are basically a really smart and rich wine enthusiast. This is probably the hardest job on the list to get because you have to pass 3 levels before you can become a master.

strange jobs

The organization, Court of Master Sommeliers, was established in 1977 to “improve standards of beverage service, particularly wine and food pairing, in hotels and restaurants.” In America, there are 147 people who have achieved this title, which means they passed the final exam that has a pass rate of less than 10% rate.

6. Bingo Manager ($56,000)

We take our bingo games very seriously so we have to make sure there is a manager who oversees everything! I never knew basically babysitting a simple game of bingo could pay so much!

strange jobs

For this job, you need to just make sure everything runs smoothly and no one kills each other because they think someone cheated. Your paycheck depends on where you work as a fancy Casino will probably pay you more than a retirement home.

7. Professional Furniture Tester ($31,000/year)

This sounds like the perfect job for lazy people. All the job entails is using chairs, couches, tables, beds, etc. and seeing if they are both comfy and safe. Then you just fill out a report, giving your overall opinion of the furniture. I definitely wouldn’t mind doing this!

strange jobs

While this isn’t a common job, you can definitely ask around at places that sell furniture to see if anyone wants a furniture tester. It may not be a full-time job and sometimes the company will only need you for a short time, so you definitely have to be flexible!

8. Pet Food Taster ($40,000)

Remember that time you were dared to eat dog food? Well, some people are actually getting paid to do that…no joke. They are, though, getting paid a lot to test out pet food so it’s not for nothing!

strange jobs

dailymail/Caters News Agency

Pet food companies want to make sure that their food is not only healthy/nutritional but also actually tastes good. Hence the reason why they hire people do taste it but, just so you know, the tasters spit it out afterward. I bet an interview for this job involves spoon feeding you pet food to see if you will gag!

The next weird job involves animals and the great outdoors, and is overall pretty awesome.

9, Horse Rider/Exerciser  ($50K)

People with this job are responsible for exercising and conditioning horses for racing. Horse racing is a popular sport in the United States and the horses that do these races need to stay fit, just like an athlete does.

strange jobs

This would be a nice job for someone who loves being around horses and would love to be paid just to ride them around. You need to have experience if you want this job and obviously, be familiar with horses. Sign me up!

10. Genetic Counselor ($62,000/year)

You probably know a little something about how genetics work and how sometimes it is crucial to know what is in your genes. There are so many diseases and conditions out there that are passed down the family tree, that just by knowing what you are at risk for can save your life.

strange jobs

That is where genetic counselors come in. They are trained specialists that determine the risk factors for certain diseases and disorders by doing genetic testing on you. It can’t hurt to know what is in your genes!

11. Golf Ball Divers (up to $100K)

If you know anything about the game of golf, it should be that so many golf balls get lost. I will never understand why you would play near a body of water or why golf courses have giant ponds in the middle of them, but I guess it adds to the fun.

strange jobs

It would be such a waste of money to just leave all those golf balls in the bottom of the pond so companies hire divers to go retrieve them. I guess another man’s mistake is another man’s big paycheck!

12. Hot Dog Vendors ($30,000 to $100,000/year)

You probably didn’t think you would see this on the list, but you would be surprised to see how much hot dog vendors bank a year! I mean, think about it. So many people eat at these vendors and it definitely adds up.

strange jobs

Before you go buying yourself a hot dog stand, you need realize it isn’t that easy. First, you can’t just set up anywhere as most cities require you to have a license to sell food. Then you need to put in time and money to get the supplies needed. But once you do all that, sell away and watch the money flow in!

13. Psychic Reader ($41K)

I’m not someone who would waste money to go see a psychic reader to find out if my future is going to be a good one. After seeing how much they make, though, I guess a lot of people spend money on them!

strange jobs

If you feel like you are psychic, maybe it is time to use your abilities to bring in a 6-figure paycheck! Or you can just go to your local bookstore and buy a “how to be psychic” book.

the next weird job is the scariest one of all.

14. Water Slide Tester ($30K)

This sounds as awesome as it does. Well, if you are up for the ride and are totally ok with the fact that the slide might have something wrong with it.

strange jobs

Besides that, it is a pretty fun job to slide down a bunch of water slides all day! It isn’t that common but those lucky enough to do it get a big paycheck and free access to the park!

15. Crime Scene Cleaner ($50K)

Ever wonder who cleans up those gruesome crime scenes? Certainly not magical fairies! People actually get paid a whole lot of money to make crime scenes all shiny and perfect again.

strange jobs

I watch enough crime shows to know that I don’t think I will ever want to do this job. Definitely not worth the big paycheck. Maybe if I’m that desperate…

16. Embalmer ($45,000)

If you are totally cool with hanging around dead people all day, this would be a good job for you! Basically, you preserve someone’s body after they died so they can be displayed later at a funeral or whatnot.

strange jobs

Egyptians preserved dead bodies for the afterlife by mummifying then but we have long since then figured out how to do it in an easier way. To embalm a body, you use a specific formula of chemicals that you put on the deceased to prevent decaying.

17. Personal Shopper/Stylist ($25K to $100K)

This would be a dream job for anyone who loves fashion and shopping! The title is exactly what is sounds like: you would be someone’s personal shopper and/or stylist when they come to your store.

strange jobs

While this could earn you a nice paycheck, it all depends on where you work and who your clients are. It may take you awhile to work your way up in the fashion world but once you do, it will totally be worth it!

The next weird job can make you famous!

18. Voice-over Artist ($80,000/year)

You might not realize this but you don’t need to be a famous actor/actress in order to be a voice-over artist. As long as you have a voice people would want to hear, you have a chance to be in a commercial or cartoon!

strange jobs

Even if you only do a five-minute skit, you can make about $325! Sounds simple enough and you don’t even have to dress nicely to do it as no one will see you!

19. IMAX Screen Cleaner ($45,000)

You probably didn’t realize that someone has to clean those huge IMAX screens at theaters. I mean, if they didn’t, your favorite actors/actresses would appear to be a bit dirty. Plus, there is always those people who throw things at the screens because they think they are funny.

strange jobs

Every night, when the theaters close, the screen cleaners come out and clean every screen until they are good as new. Since IMAX screens are about 8 stories high, you would need a pulley system/machine, which honestly sounds kind of fun!

20. Ice Cream Taster/Food Scientist ($56K)

Ok, this was already my dream job but now that I know they pay big time, I want this job even more! Who wouldn’t want to get paid to go to work and taste a bunch of ice cream flavors?

strange jobs

Unfortunately, they don’t just hire random people to eat their ice cream. You actually have to have a degree in food science, business, or chemistry since you need to know how to professionally give your opinion. Guess it is easier to just buy the ice cream and eat it myself! Doesn’t pay as good, though.

the next weird job involves playing with food!

21. Food Stylist ($33,000 – $58,000)

Food stylists, who sometimes doubles as a food photographer, are people who make a living by arranging food in the best possible way. These food artists want to make the food look tasty and fresh.

strange jobs

They either work for restaurants or get hired for advertisements, cookbooks, or basically anything that needs a good food picture. I guess your mom was wrong when she said playing with your food isn’t appropriate!

22. Professional Snuggler ($60/hour)

Do you ever want someone to cuddle with but no one is around? Well, apparently you can hire someone to literally just come over and snuggle with you. And you thought Tinder was sketchy…

strange jobs

Basically, if you get hired by one of these companies, you will get paid to go snuggle with someone. Seems like a nice way to make a lot of money, if you get over the fact that you would be lying in bed with a stranger who paid you!

23. Paper Towel Sniffer  ($19,000 to $52,000)

Now this is a weird job that I never knew existed. A paper towel sniffer smells paper towels to make sure they smell good. I guess customers really care about what the thing they use to wipe up messes smells like?

strange jobs

Paper towel companies will literally hire you and pay you just to sniff their products. I guess it is an easy to do job until you get a paper towel that smells awful!

These jobs may be weird, but not as weird as the truly unfortunate ones in this video!

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