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The Reason This 24-Year-Old Adventures Across The Globe On Weekends Is Incredible

Have you ever longed to travel across the globe, but never had the time or budget to do it? As it turns out, you don’t need either of these things to go on some incredible adventures! This 24-year-old is out to prove that even those with limited funds and little free time can travel to amazing destinations!

Elona Karafin: A Low-Income Adventurer

Elona Karafin is 24-year-old a financial analyst based out of New York, yet she’s seen more of the world than most can fathom! The brainy young woman has just graduated from college and survives on low wages. However, Karafin spends her free time and weekends traveling. Though she isn’t rolling in dough, she’s not one to take short, domestic trips. Rather, the jet-setter adventures across the globe!

Karafin’s Insanely Epic Travels

Karafin has conquered exotic locations such as Iceland, Mongolia, Puerto Rico, and Paris. She’s absorbed the best of Amsterdam in two days; she’s tackled the beautiful landscape of Bali in three. At how often she goes globe-trotting, you would think Karafin would have nothing more than pennies in the bank. However, this isn’t the case. It’s hard to believe how inexpensive she manages to make her trips!

An Unbelievably Low Budget

By what seems like nothing short of a miracle, Karafin has managed to keep every single one of her vacations under $1,000! While most travelers spend that much on airfare and hotel stays alone, she’s found brilliant ways to save, seek out cheaper prices, and budget properly. On her blog, “Elona the Explorer,” she shares the best of her trips. However, she also offers invaluable travel advice so others can adventure on a budget too!

Karafin’s Greatest Traveling Tips

Thankfully, Karafin doesn’t hoard her traveling tips to herself. She is incredibly open about the best ways to plan an affordable trip! Karafin uses different apps and blogs to find the best deals on hotels and airfare. She also budgets before going on any trip, including noting how much she’ll spend on food and tourist attractions. Still, affordability is her secondary goal. A life-altering event pushed Karafin to witness the best ways to spend her time in a different light!

Karafin’s Past Experiences: Her Drive For Adventure

In addition to proving anyone can travel on a budget, Karafin wants to adventure while she has the chance. After suffering from cancer as a young child, she has realized how important it is not to push opportunities to the side! And thanks to her past, she’s even started a charity——to raise money for critically sick children. So far, Karafin’s experiences, creativity and motivation have certainly taken her far!

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