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More Than 400 Electric Guitars Just Broke A World Record – And This Is What It Sounds Like

If you’ve ever wondered what more than 400 electric guitars playing AC/DC at the same time sound like, you’ve come to the right place. Hundreds of musicians gathered in Australia to break the world record for the most people playing the same song on electric guitar at the same time. And boy, the guitarists did not disappoint.

For Those About To Rock

Men, women, and children alike strapped on their electric guitars and attended the Sydney Guitar Festival in hopes of breaking a Guinness World Record. The guitarists, all 457 of them, played AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” on miniature amps.

“They were tiny amps but they got the sound happening,” festival spokeswoman Tatiana Marchant said. “It was such a great atmosphere. I’ve never been around so many men and guitars in all my life.”

Amping Up For A Cause

With their wide array of electric guitars in tow, participants were issued the mini amps after paying a $45 registration fee. All of the fees collected at the event are helping fund a good cause, The Australian Children’s Music Foundation.

The foundation provides free music lessons to children in disadvantaged areas, where music classes may not be offered through schools. “Research has proven the importance of music and arts education. And yet so many children don’t have access to music lessons. This is alarming. Every private school in the world teaches music. When I was young, every school had a music teacher and a piano. Where did the system go wrong?” said Don Spencer, the singer-songwriter who founded the foundation.

Long Live Rock And Roll

The previous Guinness World Record, set in 2013 in India, featured 368 participants aged 11 to 70 all playing “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Guns N’ Roses. The event was organized to promote peace and unity in the northeast Indian state of Nagaland.

The new world record set in Australia will take about six weeks for Guinness for officially verify. Without further ado, here’s what all 457 guitars sound like in unison:

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