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400 Students Give ‘Big Wave Sendoff’ To Their Biggest Fan Of 12 Years

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The smallest gestures can make the largest impacts in an amazing way. For over a decade, senior Tinney Davidson dutifully waved to neighborhood schoolchildren as they passed her home. When word got out that the kindly octagenarian would be moving to an assisted living facility, students showed up to Tinney’s home to give her a final farewell. Tinney was quite surprised and moved by the gesture, proving that simple acts of kindness and generosity are valued in our society. The little things we do matter and make a difference.

With A Warm And Welcome Wave

It was 2007 when Tinney Davidson and her husband moved to Comox, British Columbia. Since the couple lived near a high school, they decided it would be nice to wave to the students from their window in the morning. Every morning, students attending the Highland Secondary School looked forward to seeing a friendly, familiar face on their way to class.

Without fail, Tinney and her husband were dedicated to posting up by the window of their white ranch house on Guthrie Road. Over time, a unique bond was formed between the smiling waving Tinney and the hundreds of teens going to and from school. Tinney adored children, which was the reason the waving phenomenon began. In a 2014 interview, she explained her motivation, “If they are looking in, I’ll wave to them, and that’s how it started.”

Continuing A Tradition

When Tinney’s husband Ken passed, the great-grandmother continued to give a cheerful wave to the students of Highland Secondary School. Tinney didn’t have to wait long for students to wave back, and even make special visits to her home. The moments of fondness created between this sweet elderly lady and the local students would eventually have to come to an end. Tinney did her best to keep up with routinely waving to the high school students in the morning, but she eventually had to leave her home. At the grand age of 88-years-old, Tinney was going to relocate to an assisted living facility. Little did Tinney realize, but she was in for a special surprise from her most favorite fans.

Goodbye To Grandmother Tinney

Right before Tinney was packed to move to her new home in an assisted living facility, the students of Highland Secondary School had a plan. Tinney had touched the lives of countless young minds, and they were eager to give back to the kindly grandmother figure. Marching together to Tinney’s house, 400 students came bearing gifts, signs, and gratitude. When Tinney opened the door of her home, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Before her, hundreds of students brought bouquets of flowers, gave hugs, and wished the elderly woman well. Previously in 2016, local students decorated the 88-year-old woman’s lawn with colorful paper heart. Tinney clapped her hands in delight when she saw her farewell sendoff.

Tinney was shocked that so many students were moved to such a gesture. The teens blew her a kiss in unison, and one student even said, “Love you,” before scampering off. The students would surely miss the sight of Tinney, waving at them from her window every morning. Signs were held with messages like, “We love you, Mrs. Davidson,” or “Thank you for being awesome.” Holding a tissue, Tinney was touched deeply, stating, “Oh, lovely, thank you.” On her final day, Tinney sat her window as always, and for the last time, waved at the students headed to Highland Secondary School. After 12 years, Tinney Davidson loving kindness left an impressionable mark on her community that would not be easily forgotten. Tinney’s send-off was one for the record books.

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