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Brutally Honest Memes That Are Relatable AF To Any Woman (Or Anyone)

Sometimes you find a meme that is just too relatable. You laugh for a good minute and then you move on to find another hilarious meme. You share these memes with your friends. Memes are made for everyone, and these five memes are particularly relevant to women. Can you relate to these?

Living The Single Life

“Why are you still single?” could be perhaps one of the most annoying questions to ask a woman. They don’t always know the answer. Maybe they haven’t found a good partner. This meme is very relatable. You don’t know why you’re single. You just know you’re awesome and you’ll keep waiting for the right person to come along.

Dying From Excitement

It’s always exciting when your crush acknowledges your presence, especially on social media. If he/she accepts your friend request, that’s a major victory. But if your crush likes one of your photos, that’s even better! It’s okay to be excited. Just be careful when you stalk your crush’s profile.

Not Finished Yet

If you’re remotely interested in makeup and fashion, you have probably watched a YouTube makeup tutorial. The videos are simple, easy-to-learn demonstrations. You sit down at your laptop and you’re following along to the directions. Suddenly, your WiFi connection expires and the video ends, but you’re not done with the makeup tutorial. You’ll have to figure out the rest on your own…

Having The Final Word

In arguments, women typically like to have the final word. That’s why this meme is very relatable. The woman asked her significant other (or soon-to-be ex-boyfriend/girlfriend) to stop talking to her. “I mean it.” So, when he/she responded, the woman began texting back. Was she really not going to talk to the person ever again? Who knows!

MissMoosette via Imgur

The Third Wheel

We have all probably been third wheels on dates. Your friends are dating. You tag along on group dates, so you’re not left out of the fun. Well, how much fun is it really for you to be the third wheel? As this meme hilariously shows, tagging along on double dates only reminds you that you’re single. Don’t worry! You’ll eventually have a date to bring along to the next double date.

RamonaQ via Imgur

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