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5 Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know To Make Your Smartphone A Little Smarter

All the times you wished your smartphone worked just a bit better, you weren’t alone. The handy gadgets, considered a necessity by many, weren’t designed to be perfect. With each new model and phone on the market, however, invested users kept coming up with helpful hacks to improve the life and quality of their smartphones. Find out how to do the same for yours.

Cover Up The Mic

Before folks tried this trick, they thought it seemed counterproductive. However, covering the mic on your phone proved to improve the quality of the sound during audio recordings. The light press of a finger canceled out background noise, sharpening the quality of the principle sounds. It was a terrific tip for capturing audio or video.

Elliot Teo/Unsplash

Shades For Your Phone

Placing sunglasses over the lens of the camera reduced lens flare and glare, softened the lighting, and created a dreamy, Instagram-worthy filter. Even with photo apps and filters, the sunglasses trick was helpful. It provided just a touch of haze without distorting light and shadow. It also came in handy when snapping quick candid shots.

Ben White/Unsplash

Flying High

Some people found that the age-old trick of turning off the phone to charge it quickly didn’t quite work. Turning on airplane mode was a better drink. It charged most phones in half the time, which is ideal for anyone who’s in a hurry and dealing with a mostly dead phone. Keeping your hands off the phone as it charges was another popular tip.

Álvaro Serrano/Unsplash

A New Lock Screen

Ever worried about what might happen to you in an accident? With all of your contacts in your phone, which you keep locked, the thought’s bound to pop up at some point. Clever smartphone users advised creating a new lock screen that includes all of your essential details, such as your name, address, and emergency contact. No unlocking necessary.

Tirza van Dijk/Unsplash

Paint It Black

Apps were well-known for draining batteries, but some smart users discovered that even their wallpaper emptied their phones. Switching over to a black background helped the problem. The darker wallpaper kept the phone from adjusting its brightness to accommodate, which in turn saved on battery life. The more you know, right?

Jamie Street/Unsplash

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