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5 Hilarious Hotels Fails That Left Guests Amazed And Confused

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What would you do if you checked into a hotel and got trapped in the shower for three hours? Most people would evacuate immediately and find a better place to stay, but luckily for us, these people took hilarious pictures of their hotel fails instead. Here are five of the funniest hotel stays that will make your stay at the Motel 6 look like the Taj Mahal.

CPR Gone Wrong

Clearly, this CPR sign in Thailand has the best of intentions, but its instructions would make you blush. It literally instructs you to first “blame someone,” to “check to see if nipples are hard,” and to “kiss sensually.” And it goes downhill from there!

DireStrike wrote on Reddit, “I can’t count how many people have died because their nipples aren’t hard”


High And Dry

This funny photo shows a man trapped in the shower of his hotel room for over three hours. Finally, a hotel employee came to free the poor guy. Can you imagine how pruny his fingers were when he finally got out of the shower? No amount of lotion is going to fix that.

John-Henry-Eden remained optimistic on Reddit saying, “At least you wouldn’t die of thirst.”


Hairy Situation

This mural displayed in the hotel breakfast area would make you think twice before you loaded up on Cheerios. The dark hair twisted into an abstract pattern may resemble a slide that you saw in junior high once. This hotel should’ve put this priceless piece of art in the restroom.

Redditor RichAromas commented: “If the breakfast is an all-you-can-eat buffet, this is an absolutely GENIUS cost-control measure!”



Get Out

If you’ve ever seen the movie Get Out, you’ll know that this isn’t going to end well. There’s absolutely no escape from this wacky hotel. The exit signs literally lead you straight into the corner of two walls. Unless you want to stand with your face in the corner, it might be better to take the stairs!

UsernameChecksOut56 wrote on Reddit, “The checkout process was surprisingly stress free, I just need to find the exit…”



Slip Carefully

Finally, this hotel in China wants to remind its visitors to “slip carefully.” Surely this translation error is the exact opposite of what they wanted to tell their clients. The crazy part is that they want you to be careful when you crash onto the wet linoleum! It’s the thought that counts, right?

Ukulisti wrote encouragingly on Reddit: “If you gotta slip, at least do it with grace.”


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