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5 Pictures That Will Instantly Reduce Your Stress, No Matter How Hard Your Day Is

Raise your hand if you’re having a bad day and you need help. If your hand is raised right now, you’re not alone! Sometimes, anti-stress pictures can help ease your nerves and make everything better. Look at these five pictures of adorable animals that will surely put a smile on your face!

Completely Satisfied

We wish we could be like this crocodile! Doesn’t he look so content and satisfied? This baby crocodile is being scratched and he looks so relaxed. Nothing could ruin his day! Close your eyes and imagine yourself as this adorable crocodile, and your stressful day might turn around quickly.

LeggingsForPants via Reddit

The Flamingo Leg

Normal pictures of flamingos are cute enough, but what about a baby flamingo learning how to be, well, a flamingo? One Twitter user shared an adorable photo in March of a baby flamingo learning how to lean on one leg—the famous “flamingo leg.” It looks like he’s mastering it already!

Twitter via @quine

A Cool Cat

Some pet owners love to dress up their furry friends for hilarious photos to share on social media. This Twitter user isn’t any different. Not only is the cat stylish, but he looks like he is about to release a debut album that will rate high on the music charts. We would listen to his music!

Twitter via @Phil_Lewis_

Heart Eyes

Dalmatians are already adorable dogs, but this one is especially cute. His unique spots form hearts around his eyes, meaning he literally has “heart eyes” for his owner. How can you look at this photo and not instantly feel better? Save this photo for any time you need to smile.

Twitter via @theb00kwitch

The Tiniest Chameleon

Chameleons are famous for their unique ability to change colors to blend themselves into their surroundings. We have all seen pictures of chameleons, but have you ever seen this picture of a tiny chameleon you can rest on your finger? You probably don’t even feel it in your hand, which just might make the scenario even cuter.

onangelswings via Reddit

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