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5 Pinterest Cake Designs Fails That Are So Bad They’re Good

You might scroll through your Pinterest newsfeed and find a new recipe you want to attempt. You do your best, but you end up failing. That’s what happened to these five home bakers who decided to try decorating their own cakes and share the pictures on Reddit, Instagram, and other social media sites. They didn’t succeed, but they still get an A for effort.

A Hedgehog Or Spider?

At first glance, you wouldn’t think the cake on the right is supposed to resemble a hedgehog. Instead, the cake looks more like a spider. Who wants to see that at a birthday party? Reddit user @nikon92kr attempted to assemble the hedgehog’s distinct spikes, but they didn’t succeed. At least they tried.


Let It Go

If you can’t decorate a cake, don’t attempt to decorate a Disney character’s face on a birthday cake. It will never work in your favor. That’s what happened to Instagram user @dmconnors2, who attempted to decorate Frozen’s Elsa on a cake. While the person nailed her hair, Elsa’s face has seen better days.


Working ‘9 To 5’

You’ll have to work longer than 9 to 5 to properly decorate Dolly Parton’s body on a birthday cake. The original cake on the left highlights Dolly Parton’s beauty, but the recreation on the right, shared by Reddit user @duncasterwood, doesn’t resemble the Queen of Country Music at all. Hopefully, Dolly Parton didn’t see this cake.


Feeling Blue

The cake on the right is supposed to look like a penguin, but the cake must be feeling blue and deflated. Instead, the cake, posted by BuzzFeed contributor EmmaEmmaEmma, resembles a sad owl. While the cake may have been delicious, it doesn’t look appealing to party guests. We hope their next Pinterest attempt was better.


They Gave Up

Sometimes, you think an idea is great until you start the project. You soon realize you’re not going to accomplish the goal and you give up. That’s what happened to Reddit user @add217, who tried to decorate a rainbow cake. Their first attempts were successful until they decided to give up. The cake probably would have looked better if it was fully decorated.


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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved