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These 5 Secret Fast Food Menus Items Will Make You Want To Go Order Them ASAP

Everybody has their favorite fast food item. You’re used to ordering nuggets, a Whopper, or a delicious chocolate Frosty to round out your dinner. You don’t know what you’re missing by ordering the same old thing. Most fast food joints have secret menus that hide delicious concoctions you’ve never heard of—until now.

The Frito Chili Pie At Sonic

Sonic’s menu is already large and in charge, so you can imagine the magic of their secret menu. The Frito Chili Pie is a fan favorite. Folks who have never sampled the corn chip delicacy won’t believe the decadence. Essentially, it’s a big pile of Fritos doused in gooey nacho cheese and Sonic’s seasoned, spicy chili.

The Grilled Cheese From In-N-Out

In-N-Out’s menu is so wild that it almost doesn’t need a secret menu. However, the restaurant is one of the few fast food places to openly acknowledge a lesser-known selection of experimental items. The menu boasts a host of mouthwatering munchies, such as the meaty 4×4, but the grilled cheese is a long-time fave. You get a double-stack of American cheese slices, along with tomato and lettuce.

Meat Mountain From Arby’s

Arby’s Meat Mountain sandwich is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a meaty extravaganza, initially used as a promotion for a marketing plan that revolved around, well, mountains of meat. The sandwich isn’t for the faint of heart. It contains roast turkey, corned beef, chicken tenders, brisket, roast beef, Angus steak, and a few slices of pepper bacon. Woof!

The BK Suicide Burger

If you’re ever in the mood for more meat than you can fit in your mouth, Burger King’s secret menu contains the Suicide Burger, aka the Quad Stacker. As if four beef patties and four pieces of cheese aren’t enough, the sandwich also features bacon, along with BK’s special sauce.

The Barnyard Burger From Wendy’s

Wendy’s likes to get creative with their secret treats. The Barnyard Burger is a masterpiece of meat. The sandwich contains a beef patty, a chicken patty, and bacon. Then it’s topped off with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. It’s the perfect pick for anyone who can’t decide between a burger and a chicken sandwich. Why not both?

Who has your favorite secret menu? What do you order?

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