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5 Things To Know About This Animal-Loving Biker Gang With A Heart Of Gold

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Have you ever felt a rush of fear when you saw a motorcycle gang zoom by? Most people are at least a little intimidated by big groups of bikers, but the motorcyclists at Rescue Ink are flipping the script by committing selfless acts of animal rescue. Here are five things to know about the animal-friendly biker gang with a heart of gold.

They Rescue Abused Animals


Rescue Ink will go to the ends of the earth and back to rescue abused animals from dangerous owners. They can intimate violent pet owners with their scary appearance and convince them to give up their neglected animals. If that doesn’t work, they’ll at least build a dog house for the poor pup. The motley crew has already been retweeted over 2,300 times!

They Demolish Dog Fights


The bikers also coordinate with the police to combat criminals who run illegal dog fight rings. When they find the culprit, they used their minds instead of their fist, alerting police to arrest the offender immediately. This is a great chance for these tough motorcyclist to use their rough-and-tumble looks for good. The biker gang has even received over 700 Facebook likes!

They Demand Animal Rights


The tough guys at Rescue Ink really shine brightest when they’re advocating for animal rights. Whether it’s rescuing purebred sold for drugs or saving homeless cats from being poisoned, this gang will do anything within their means to keep helpless animals safe. They even tried to track a serial cat killer in Pennsylvania. On Instagram, the hashtag #rescueink has been used almost 1,000 times!

They Opened A Pet Shelter

The New York Times 

One of the coolest things that Rescue Ink has done is to build its own animal shelter. When the bikers came across neglected animals in the past, they brought them to a shelter. Eventually, they decided to open up their own animal shelter, but it was destroyed by a hurricane. The do-gooders’ community Facebook account has gone viral with over 8,000 likes!

They Have Their Own TV Show


This motley crew is lucky enough to star on their own National Geographic reality TV show called Rescue Ink Unleashed. The series, which documents the gang’s animal welfare efforts, was started in 2009 and is still on TV today! Even a YouTube video of the guys saving a pitbull received almost 128,000 views!

Social media response has been overwhelmingly positive!

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