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5 Tools To Help You Up Your Instagram Game

Whether you’re a rookie who needs an edge or a pro influencer who wants help boosting their platform, these five apps can help you like, follow, post, and comment back. From a personal brand-building assistant to photo editing and more, there’s something here for every Instagram account.

Savvant Instagram Optimizer

Ever go through all the effort of picking a photo, editing it, choosing the perfect filter and a witty caption…and barely anyone likes or comments on it? Savvant is here to help. It helps you pick the best photos, create great captions and hashtags, and even generate keywords, so your posts get the attention they deserve

piZap Pro

Sometimes Instagram edits just won’t cut it. That’s when you turn to piZap Pro. They have custom fonts, filters, royalty-free stock images, stickers, layouts, and editing tools to craft the perfect image. You can also use their tools to create Facebook and Twitter cover photos and YouTube channel photos, in case your brand extends beyond Instagram.


Looking for an intuitive Instagram scheduler tool? Look no further than Planagram. If you have content that you need to share, Planagram can push them live for you, exactly when and how you want them to be seen. They handle posts, stories, and galleries, and can schedule up to 10 images at once.

Appz Instagram Assistant

As a Google Chrome extension, Appz is uniquely keyed into your Instagram account, there to do everything you don’t have time to when you have a large following. It auto-likes, auto-follows, and even auto-comments so you don’t have to wade through tons of notifications. All you have to do is add the hashtags you want to follow, and Appz will find content and people that are similar to your brand to engage with.

The Instagram Marketing Mastery Bundle

This is more of a how-to manual than an automated tool, but working with The Instagram Marketing Mastery Bundle will teach you the key ingredients you need to have to achieve Instagram influencer status. It will walk you through content strategy, ways to grow your base, engagement tips, affiliate marketing, and ads.

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