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5 Of The Top Questions About Cell Phone Batteries Answered

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When your cell phone battery stops working right it becomes a thousand times more difficult to use your device. It goes without saying that there’s just about nothing worse than your phone completely losing its charge and turning off in the middle of a call, web search, or other function. One solution to the problem is to take the right steps to keep your battery in top shape and there’s plenty of information out there on the topic. Here are some of the answers we’ve found for the most common questions users have.

What Happens When You Keep Your Phone Charging Overnight?

One of the biggest cell phone myths out there is that if you keep your cell phone charging overnight, or for a period of time substantially longer than for the couple of hours it takes for the battery to reach 100%, it will damage or even overload the battery. This just isn’t true. There’s a mechanism that is part of the device which makes sure charging stops after the battery is full.

If you charge your battery overnight there is a problematic effect which can affect your phone’s overall lifespan. Called trickle-charging, it happens once your phone stops charging and returns to normal operation. As this occurs, battery juice will go down to 99 percent, triggering more juice to come back to the battery so that it gets back to 100%. If you can unplug your phone overnight or put a timer on your outlet that will prevent this issue.

Can Cell Phone Batteries Get Too Hot?

Depending on how they are made, some cell phones can get warmer as the battery charges. This isn’t normally an issue but, if you’re worried you can place your phone on a plate or tray when charging.

Generally speaking, also try to avoid any area where your cell phone would get too hot. Try to protect it when you’re at the pool or the beach and don’t leave it in a hot car. For that matter, try to avoid very cold or freezing climates for your phone too. Any kind of extreme temperature just doesn’t do your phone any favors.

Are All Charging Cords Created Equal?

Nope. Typically if you pay less for a cell phone charging cord you don’t get as strong of a product. It may not charge as quickly, or it may overload the phone’s battery and ultimately cause problems. Also, some charging cords just don’t hold up as well over time. While considering charging, you should be aware that fast charging can also be a problem for phone batteries as it stresses them. The best route is a solidly made charging cable that charges at a moderate pace.

Should I Let My Phone Get To Zero Percent?

This answer is also a clear no. While it was true that older batteries should go to zero, newer batteries work at their best when they’re maintained between 20 and 90 percent capacity. If you’re going to put your device away for any period of time, consider storing it at a healthy 50 percent.

Are Their Daily Habits I Can Learn To Preserve Battery Life?

Yes, there are. And they’re not too difficult to do. For starters, take a look at your screen brightness and see if you can reduce it. Also consider increasing the amount of time your screen takes before it auto-locks, and think about using a darker theme that takes less battery to create. These are just a few tips, your phone retailer may have more. Consider a trip to their store or a call to their help desk for other ideas

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