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5-Year-Old Steals a Dodge to Go Buy a Lamborghini



Remember that time you asked your parents for something? Something really reasonable, like a castle or a dinosaur or a spaceship or a Lamborghini? It would have been so easy for your Mom or Dad to snap their fingers and — snap! — make it appear but noooooo, they didn’t do it. The injustice!

‘You Won’t Buy Me a Lamborghini?!’

A five-year-old boy in Utah asked his mother to buy him a Lamborghini. He just wasn’t satisfied with the family’s entirely sensible Dodge Journey. Mom said — brace yourself — “no.” But that five-year-old was not hearing it; he was not taking no for an answer. What to do?

As every kid in Utah knows, if you want a Lamborghini, you need to go to California. The Sunshine State (California) is only 770 miles from the Beehive State (Utah), a distance easily traveled by a five-year-old in a Dodge Journey in about 12 hours. So, off went our intrepid young Utahn.

A Life of Crime

In May 2020, the boy stole Mom’s Journey and headed west. Eventually (and by eventually, we mean three miles later), he was nabbed by the Utah Highway Patrol in Weber County. He’d made it onto the freeway but was swerving in the left lane so badly that a trooper thought he was impaired.

Thankfully, the story ended happily with the lad safely returned home. Having said that, he was probably greeted with a modest mixture of glee, relief, and fury from Mom and Dad.

As it turns out, that is not the end of the story.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Exactly what is the penalty for underage driving, automobile theft, driving without a license, and driving without insurance in Utah, anyway? Somehow, we think this young driver may have gotten off a little easy.

The day after our highway hero was nabbed by the Utah Highway Patrol, a man named Jeremy Neves paid him and his family a visit in Utah. Who, you may ask, is Jeremy Neves? He’s the owner of a matte black Lamborghini Huracan V10 supercar. He took our five-year-old car thief for a spin…in the passenger seat. What a thrill!