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These 7 BFFs Renovated A Palatial Mansion in China and Plan to Live in it Together When They Retire

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When you find an incredible best friend, you might find yourself wondering how you ever survived without them. The best friends are those who are there through thick and thin, broke and rich, happy and sad, and everything in between. But can you say you’re close enough with your bestie to save up for two decades to buy a mansion with them? This incredible group of seven gal pals from China spent 20 years of their careers saving up to purchase a 7,500-square foot mansion to grow old in together. If you’re amazed by their closeness, join the club. However, their stunning mansion, purchased in 2019, is a testament to how far a little friendship can go.

A Practical Joke Turned Fulfilled Dream

It all began as a practical joke amongst a few coworkers: what if they all saved up to retire in a mansion together when they turned 60? However, these days, it’s clear that these seven girlfriends weren’t joking around. When they first met through their occupations, they quickly grew close to each other and practically became attached at the hip. They often discussed moving in with one another when they got old, yet they didn’t see their dreams come to fruition until they accidentally came across a massive home in Guangzhou, southeastern Guangdong province. While the home was far from ready to be moved into and needed plenty of work to clean it up, the seven women were eager to purchase the mansion and get to work renovating the spectacular house to retire in.

Transforming The Dilapidated Mansion

Fortunately, the group of seven had been saving for a scenario such as that one. They spent another year accruing more money then pooled together their funds to buy the spectacularly-large house and invest in tidying up the property. The kicker? The majority of the women were all still in their thirties when they purchased the four-million U.S.D. mansion. Even simply purchasing a large home is an accomplishment for anyone their thirties, but they took their goal one step further. They decided to renovate the internally-hollow and unfurnished property into the mansion of their dreams. Fortunately, they had plenty of funds to work with, and transforming the dilapidated mansion into a spectacular home wasn’t an impossible mission. From importing gorgeous furniture from foreign places to constructing an entire room for their favorite refreshment, these besties mastered the art of home renovation. Now, their mansion is a paradise for the women to grow old in.

Living In Their Personal Paradise

The seven have it all: bedrooms to themselves, beautiful and minimalistic furniture, and a gorgeous view from every floor. The surrounding area is natural, spectacular and secluded, yet plenty of true beauty seems to be found within the home. They brilliantly adapted the mansion to their wants and needs. From wide windows to tasteful furniture to pleasant wall-hangings, they thought of everything to turn the hollow mansion into a home. They even constructed a glass-walled tea pavilion to satisfy their thirst for their favorite drink, which is able to be reached across a wooden boardwalk.

The group of best friends were also smart about how they would manage to live with each other worry-free for the rest of their lives. In order to make sure that living with each other didn’t foster any resentment or tension, they all decided to pick up a skill to contribute to the environment of the house, from cooking to gardening to medicinal practices. The women are truly enviable in their tight-knit friendship, their brilliant saving skills, and their spectacular investment in their futures together. Friendship goals? Absolutely. We could all only hope to achieve this level of happiness and connection with our besties in our lives.

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