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Meet the 7-Year-old with the Most Heartwarming Rescue Mission

Often times, rescue pups struggle to find forever families and may even lose their lives due to being unwanted. However, a sweet little boy and his mom set out to change that—and have completely transformed the lives of more than 1,000 abandoned dogs in the process.

A Four-Year-Old’s Incredible Compassion

Did you have the will to save thousands of lives at the age of four? Roman McConn certainly did. The dog-loving little boy is now seven, but three years ago, he made a decision that would impact more lives than anyone could have predicted.

McConn Family

Back in 2015, Roman and his mother set out to adopt a dog from a kill shelter. They were horrified to discover the number of pets that had been abandoned there! On his birthday that year Roman decided that, in lieu of gifts, he wanted to donate funds to a local pet rescue organization. Before long, the duo had plunged headfirst into helping sheltered pets.

Baby’s First Job Helping Shelter Pups

Immediately after adopting their dog, Roman and his mother began to volunteer at the shelter and help foster the pets from shelters in their area. Even at a young age, Roman’s passion for finding these pups forever homes was admirable! But it wasn’t until they moved from Texas to Washington state that the real work began.

McConn Family

When they arrived in Washington, Roman’s mother was shocked at how dog-friendly the state was. She often teased the idea of creating an “Underground Railroad” to relocate rescue animals from the South to the Pacific Northwest. However, she had no idea that this little joke would become a tangible and life-saving reality!

Project Freedom Ride: Their Breathtaking Rescues

Roman and his mother soon started Project Freedom Ride, an organization which helps transfer unwanted rescue dogs living in Texas kill shelters to loving homes in Washington. Currently, Roman and his mom help find forever homes for nearly 50 dogs per month! It’s an emotional journey for both the McConns and the transferred pups eager new owners.

McConn Family

Often, uniting a dog with a new owner brings tears to both parties! While Roman’s mom runs most of the technical side of the operation, she knows it wouldn’t be possible without Roman’s big heart. “It makes me feel happy saving all these dogs,” Roman explained, “…I’m sure it makes all the dogs happy.” We’re sure too Roman.

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