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This 7-Year-Old Sprinter Pitted As ‘The Next Usain Bolt’ Is Going Viral For His Lightening-Fast Clips

Rudolph “Blaze” Ingram might not be a household name yet, but the seven-year-old athlete is a running phenom. He’s been called “the next Usain Bolt,” and the world-record-holding sprinter may have some competition, as the young Rudolph has captivated onlookers over his speed. Perhaps “Blaze” is one of the fastest kids on the planet, and with his dedication toward training, he’s destined for continued greatness.

A Dream To Dash

At seven-years-old, Tampa Bay, Florida athlete, Rudolph Ingram has already put in the footwork to make people take notice of his presence. Nicknamed “Blaze” for his amazing speed and agility on the track and football field, Rudolph started training to run track at the tender age of four.

Blaze has been crowned an AAU champion multiple times at national events, received over 36 medals, and continues to keep achieving new heights. Rudolph is not only amazing in track and field but is a Heisman winner that excels as a running back and safety in football.

The Rigors Of Training

Despite his young age, Blaze has an incredible sense of work ethic and patience. Rudolph’s skills are a credit to his attitude, as he has said, “I work hard at practice to set the bar high.” This young man realizes that his performance is directly connected to how he practices, and the consistent time and effort put forth every day to improve.

Blaze can thank his dad’s support for a lot of his success, as his dad has stated, “Work hard in class and on the field.” Rudolph is an academic achiever, earning As and Bs at school.

Speeding To Stardom

Celebrity athletes like LeBron James immediately recognized Rudolph’s viral athletic talent and shared a video of Blaze in action on the football field. While coaches and fans alike may pit him for Olympic greatness, the seven-year-old has his sights set on the NFL.

Blaze not only tears up the track with his ability to sprint 100-meters in 13.48 seconds, but he’s also become a viral sensation on social media. When Rudolph isn’t busy training or dusting his competitors, the Instagram influencer shows of his sculpted abs and caters to his over 400,000 followers.

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