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How This 8-Year-Old Is Making Sure No Kid Goes Hungry

While most elementary students are worrying about who to play with at recess, 8-year-old Cayden Taipalus started a movement to help his classmates in need receive a hot lunch.  The student from Howell, Michigan is raising money for classmates who aren’t financially able to purchase a hot lunch at school.

It All Started With A Child In Need

At lunch one afternoon, Taipalus noticed his friend eating a cheese sandwich. His friend shared that he was denied a hot lunch because he didn’t have enough money in his account. Jumping to action, Taipalus went home that day on a mission to help make sure they were never denied hot food again.

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An 8-Year-Old To The Rescue

Cayden’s mother, Amber Melke-Peters noticed her son was visibly upset when he came home from school that afternoon. He told her the story of what had happened at lunch and said he wanted to help so that it would never happen again. Beaming with pride, his mother set out to help him make that happen.


Serious Kid Goals

Cayden and his mother started a fundraising webpage called, “Pay It Forward: No Kid Goes Hungry”. With contributions from family, friends, fellow parents, and the community, donations began rolling in. To do his own part, Taipalus also started collecting recycled goods to raise his own personal money for the lunch campaign.

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His Heart Of Gold

Taipalus and his family have raised over $7,000 purchasing hot lunches for more than 300 students at Challenger Elementary. On their watch, no child should have to go hungry or worry where the money for their next meal will come from. This 8-year-old took that problem in stride, changing the lives of his classmates forever.


Good News Travels Fast

Cayden’s campaign and goodwill haven’t gone unnoticed. In addition to his community recognition, shortly after starting the webpage he began to receive national attention. Taipalus has been profiled for his efforts on countless news organizations and was even asked to be a guest on The Steve Harvey Show. This inspiring young man proves you’re never too young to make a difference.


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