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Five Reasons ’80s Kids Had More Fun Than Kids Today

When you think of the ’80s, you probably think of big hair and bad clothes. If you lived as a kid in the ’80s, though, you know how lucky you were to be a kid in that decade. From roller skating in the basement to hopscotch drawn with a rock, ’80s kids knew how to have some fun. Danger? They laughed in the face of danger! More accurately, they didn’t even think about it. Do any of these ’80s blasts from the past ring a bell for you?

Round And Round We Go

A common structure at local parks was the merry go round, a modern torture device that would make parents cringe. This playground staple was a huge metal circle with handlebars. All the kids would pile on and hang on for dear life, while the designated kid would grab a bar and run. As he ran, the merry go round would spin and the turner would leap into the air and land on top with the others.

If you were lucky, you didn’t fly off. Boy, it was fun!

Cabbage Patch

Owning a Cabbage Patch Kid in the ’80s was like owning an American Girl Doll today. These might look funny today, but collecting these dolls was all the rage. They came with their own birth certificates, and every Cabbage Patch Kid was unique. It was so exciting to open the box and look at the birth certificate to find out what your kid’s name was and their birthdate.

Neighborhood Slip & Slide

On hot summer days, mom would pull out the slip & slide, hook the hose up to it, and kids would spend hours doing belly flops on the ground cushioned by a thin piece of plastic. It hurt, but that didn’t stop them from taking another turn! Before too long, word would get around you had the slip & slide out, and all the neighborhood kids were lined up on your lawn for their turn in the fun.

Rubik’s Cube

Remember this colorful cube? Rubik’s cubes were 3D puzzles that were so popular in the ’80s, teachers had to ban it from classrooms. Getting one colored side was easy, getting two was exciting, and getting more than that was something to brag about to your friends!

Rubik’s cubes, like most other nostalgic toys, have made a comeback. How many sides can you get?


Back in the ’80s, if you wanted to find kids on a Friday or Saturday night, you only had to look as far as the nearest arcade. Kids would bring their quarters to the arcade and spend hours trying to top each other’s scores on the Pac-Man machine, just so they could put their initials in and prove they were the best!

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