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9-Year-Old’s Touching Letter To Santa Requesting Help For Friend’s Family Has The Internet In Tears

Christmas time is a time for giving, a time for selfless acts of kindness and appreciation for those less fortunate than we. It could be said that this is what embodies the term Christmas spirit. These simple acts of kindness by anyone, no matter who they might be.

A Young Girl’s Plea

Most kids will ask Santa for a new video game this year, or maybe a toy they want, or a pet they can love and cherish. That was not the case for nine-year-old Riley, however, whose selfless act of kindness caught the internet by storm.


While Christmas shopping with her mother at the Millville Lowes, Riley wrote a letter to Santa and placed it in the mailbox. While reading through the notes later that night, an employee found that Riley didn’t ask for a new toy, but instead a helping hand.

Emotional Letter

Riley wrote, “Dear Santa, kids in my class say you’re not real, but I still believe. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m a baby. Also, my friend lost her dad, and her family is living in her friend’s backyard. Please help! I hope it is ok to not ask for a present.”


The letter was so touching, the department manager of Millville Lowes wanted to meet Riley. He spoke of her kind act to local news media, where the story soon took off. Through the help of the internet, he was able to meet with Riley and her parents.

The Spirit Of Christmas

Riley’s parents, Tony and Jenna Bylone, raised their daughter to always think of other people. To wish good thoughts upon them and help in any way through selfless acts of kindness. Needless to say, they couldn’t be more proud.


Thanks to Riley’s letter, a social worker is looking into her friend’s family’s situation and is ensuring they receive the help they need. Proving once again that the Christmas spirit of 2018 is alive and well.

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