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94-Year-Old Navy Vet Gives Fist Bumps And Life Advice To Local Students Before School

An elderly Navy veteran is going viral for his daily kindness towards students at a local middle school. Having become a regular presence in their lives, he starts their school mornings off with a healthy dose of positivity to get through the day.

Dishing Out Fist Bumps

As he’s aged, 94-year-old Wally Richardson felt the need to do something nice for the younger generation. So every day, he heads to Marina Village Middle School in El Dorado Hills, California. There, Wally meets the students daily to give fist bumps and smiles before they start class.

Though he’s just being recognized publicly now, the Navy vet has been coming to the school for several years. Both he and his wife used to go, but now she’s unable to walk well enough to meet the kids anymore. Wally still continues their tradition, one that keeps him happy and allows him to spread inspiration to these children.

Giving Words of Wisdom

Not only does Wally greet the kids with fist bumps, but he also shares kind words and advice with them. Many students flock to him before heading to their first class. “It’s the best part of the day,” one student, Audrey Arnold, shared in an interview.

In fact, Wally’s been such an inspiration that he has been honored with his own mural at the school! The mural has a painting of the elderly man, including some of his inspirational quotes that encourage kindness and courage. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible,” one quote reads.

Shaping The Next Generation

This elderly Navy vet is truly a beacon of light for these kids and everyone around him. “When I drove by I saw him and my heart burst,” Audrey’s mom, Gina, said. “He’s like an angel, you can’t help but feel calm and peace when you go near him.” With that great energy, Wally has been an excellent role model to students.

That calmness and peace continue to inspire kids who met him so many years ago. “There are kids in college who still remember how he greeted them,” Gina revealed.

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