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A Wish Is Granted: Care Home Resident Gets Visit By ‘Big Biceps’ Stripper

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When you’re old enough to require extra care from a facility, you might start to feel like your best days are behind you. Like there’s not too much more excitement left. The staff at Glastonbury Care Home in the UK didn’t want their residents to have to feel this way. In an effort to brighten some otherwise bleak days, they placed a wishing tree in their facility. Residents were asked to fill out whatever wishes they wanted for the holiday season and put them on the tree.

Then the staff, as well as related volunteers, donors, and other community supporters, would try the best they could to fill the requests. Generally speaking, most people asked for a day trip, a special tea, or another present. However, one of the wishes turned out to be a lot different.

An 89-year-old female resident wanted an exciting visit by a male stripper with ‘big biceps’. After giving it some thought, the facility’s group of wish granters set out to see how they could make the wish happen. It wasn’t easy but in the end, they did it — and the results turned out better than anyone had expected. Here are the details:

Granting An Unconventional Wish

While staff and other supporters were used to arranging for a wide range of visitors to brighten the day of their elderly residents, they’d never had to work on a male stripper visit before. Perhaps that became part of the fun. In an interview with the BBC, home manager Sharlene Van Tonder remarked that they wanted to “ensure there were no limitations so that life can be different and appealing.”

Van Tonder’s remarks make sense. A lot of people forget that seniors want to live full lives too and aren’t always satisfied just knitting and watching television. They want and deserve to live as fully as possible, joking (telling dirty jokes too), enjoying music, art, friendships, relationships, and new romantic and sexual partnerships. The care home’s resident’s request changed the image of what seniors are like. It deserved to be honored.

Residents Loved The Exciting Visit

As it turned out, days in the care home started out just like any other until the moment that their special guest arrived. Dressed as a fireman he danced and swung his belt around wildly before stripping down to his underwear.

The residents raved about the visit. They said that it made them feel young again, bringing new life and a very different vibe into the community. The resident who made the care home male stripperrequest was especially thrilled. She said, “I thought he was amazing — I wish he could visit us every day.”

Social Media Applauds

News of the visit spread quickly and fans on social media were thrilled at how the firefighter/stripper was able to brighten the day of the care home residents. One social media posting alone, by UK newspaper The Daily Mail, garnered loads of likes and comments. On it, follower Sam Walsh tagged his wife in a post and said, “I’m so glad you said you’d put me in a care home when I get older if I have this to look forward to!” Another follower, Penny Walsh, remarked “I still hope I’m having that much fun at that age. Yeah, baby! LOL!!!”

Praise For The Facility

It appears that the praise for the facility for being open-minded enough to grant the resident’s wish was well deserved. Not surprisingly, the facility has a reputation for top-quality care and a positive, open, and inclusive culture for the 60 residents who are lucky enough to be in its care. If this is how they handle their residentsChristmas wishes, its easy to see why they’re so praised.

The story leaves us with just one question, however — what will they do for Valentine’s Day? I guess we’ll just have to see.

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