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Abandoned Dog Found At Rest Stop, Taken To Forever Home

As a poker tournament reporter, BJ Nemeth travels a lot. Late one night on his way through Alabama, he stopped at a rest stop for a drink. Next to the vending machine, he saw a dog laying there sad and alone. BJ couldn’t leave him that way.

An Animal Lover

BJ often travels from one poker tournament to the next with his dog, Brisco, to keep him company. He’s a dog person and always has been, so when he saw the abandoned dog in Alabama, he decided to do something about it. The first thing he did was check to make sure the dog was okay. She was, but she was hungry.

Twitter: @BJNemeth

BJ bought her some crackers from the vending machine and got her some water while he decided what to do.

A Long Trip Home

It didn’t take BJ long to decide he wasn’t leaving this girl behind, so he loaded her up in his truck and they kept driving back to Atlanta. On the way, he called his wife so she could make some phone calls to local shelters who could help the rescued dog. He was afraid Brisco wouldn’t get along with the newly found dog, so he was reluctant to bring her home.

Twitter: @BJNemeth

The girl was grateful for BJs help. As BJ drove, she snuggled with him and kissed his elbow, thanking him for the love she so desperately needed.

Filling A Void

BJ took the dog to the vet the next day and got a clean bill of health, but he still didn’t have a home for her. Then he thought of his friend, Barbara, who lives in Texas. Barbara just lost her husband not too long ago and was very lonely.

Twitter: BJNemeth

As soon as he explained the situation and told her about the dog, now named Soda-Pup, Barbara immediately said she wanted to take her in and give her a forever home. They both needed companions, so the timing was perfect. It was hard for BJ to say goodbye to his new friend, but he knew now she would have a happy life with her new mom, Barbara.

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