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These Abandoned Puppies Became Best Friends With A Rescue Tortoise And It’s Too Cute

If there are two things the internet loves, it’s animal rescue stories and unlikely animal friendship stories. This one brings both together in the most wonderful, adorable way. Andrea, an employee at 2nd Chances Rescue in Cordona, California, tells the story of how a litter of abandoned puppies have become friends with a lonely tortoise.

Frequent Foster


Andrea is a frequent foster at her workplace, a rescue shelter in California. She often brings in animals until they can be adopted, and welcomes them into her home.

A Litter In A Box


Andrea says that a man came into her work one day with a litter of four puppies in a box of beer. Someone had abandoned them in his yard.

Welcoming Them Home


“They were scared, they were little.” says Andrea. She brought the puppies home with her, giving them a safe place to recover from their trauma.

Goliath The Tortoise


However, the puppies weren’t the only animal in the house. Andrea also keeps a rescue tortoise named Goliath, who is an 80-pound gentle giant.

Minding His Own Business


Goliath was used to having furry companions in the house but didn’t usually pay much attention to them, preferring to follow Andrea around hoping for food and attention.

Missing Puppy

Family Pet

One day, Andrea panicked: she could not find one of the puppies. Luckily, she found him happily hanging out with Goliath in his private hutch.

Unlikely Friends


That’s when Andrea realized that all the puppies had befriended Goliath, often choosing to go to his hutch and follow him around the yard.


The Epoch Times

The puppies climb onto Goliath’s shell, give him kisses, and sometimes share their meals with him. Meanwhile, Goliath doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Happy Tortoise

Family Pet

In fact, Andrea says that other dogs were usually scared of Goliath and stayed away, and that he is loving the company of his four furry friends – I mean, who wouldn’t?

Happy Puppies


As for the puppies, their new friendship with Goliath has made them more confident and playful following their abandonment. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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