Hey there, thanks for taking the time to check us out! Since you were wondering, here’s the deal: Icepop is an entertainment media magazine published by Novelty Magazines. Officially established in 2016, we’ve had the same mission since day one – to give you a break and make you smile.

We apologize in advance if you find yourself glued to your screen or audibly “awwing” at your desk. Actually, we’re not that sorry, if anything – you’re welcome! Our stories are all about giving you a refreshing dose of the most entertaining, interesting and engaging news stories out there.

We know that modern life is full of stress factors and the Internet can be one of them. We also know there’s an overhaul of information out there, so we try to sort through the excess and serve up stories that we believe our audiences will find the most relevant, relatable and shareable.

Here at Icepop, our goal is to be your go-to place for news that’s a little less of a bummer, if we’re being honest.

Our writers are self-described students of the world who are passionate about storytelling and connecting with our audience. With us, it’s all about providing fresh perspectives and adding to the narrative of what the world is talking about. Together with our talented tech team, our platform has all the right ingredients capable of reaching millions of readers around the world each month.

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Julie Steigerwald
Brand Manager
Julie is a pop-culture, news and fitness junkie. Originally from the Midwest, she has an incurable case of wanderlust and a penchant for baking desserts, which she inevitably forces her coworkers to eat.
Danielle Propheta
Content Strategist
Born and raised in South Africa, Danielle is a lover of all things fashion, books, her Shar Peis, popcorn, and dreams of traveling the world.
Asher Weber
Senior Writer
Born and raised in Dallas, Asher is a huge language lover. Loves anything involving cats, Japan, Pokemon and video games.
Michael Berdy
Raised in California with a degree in history, Michael is a travel fanatic, polyglot, and military veteran.
Chief Emotional Support Officer
Ciro (pronounced Cheer-o) is our devoted office dog. He likes playing hard to get... unless you have snacks.


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