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This Big-Hearted Accountant Adopted 10 Unwanted Senior Dogs — We’re Not Crying, You Are

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Let’s face it: senior dogs have a much harder time finding homes that young pups. This “unadoptable” group of canines often struggle to find forever families when they’re left in shelters. However, one man decided to use the grief of his dog’s death to save a ton of senior canines from sitting in cages. Steve Grieg is the dog enthusiast of every senior pup’s dreams. After one of his beloved canine’s passed away, Grieg decided to open his home to a plethora of unwanted dogs. All at once, his house became a zoo of unique senior pups, and he’s loved every second of it.

An Avid Animal Lover

Steve Grieg, a Colorado-based accountant, can’t remember a time in his life when he didn’t have a pet. His parents were avid animal lovers, so Grieg was surrounded by animals growing up. Of his parents, Grieg said, “they pretty much always let me have whatever I wanted as long as I was able to take care of it.” As a result, Grieg fell in love with having creatures in his home and went on to adopt a handful as an adult. Still, being around so many pets growing up didn’t lessen his grief when one of his animals passed. After one of Grieg’s dogs passed away, he struggled to come back from the loss. “I was just so distraught,” Grieg admitted, sharing that the feeling followed him for months after the dog’s passing. “I decided that the only way I would feel better was if something good happened.” Grieg decided to take charge of his grief and turn it into something good…or several somethings good.

Rescuing A Plethora Of Pups

Grieg made it his mission to let something positive come of his pup’s passing. So, he drove to the nearest animal shelter and asked them to give him their most unwanted dogs: the pups that got passed over frequently because of disabilities, age, and illnesses. At first, he only took one of these dogs home, a “12-year-old Chihuahua (named Eyeore) with a heart murmur and four bad knees.” However, he soon began to expand on his new canine family of unwanted shelter pups. Luckily, Grieg was used to having a number of dogs in his household, so adding a couple more wouldn’t be too overwhelming…right? Well, Grieg was ready to go big or go home, and he ended up taking a whopping eight shelter dogs home to live with him. Considering he previously had two other dogs, belonging to his sister and roommate, it’s no doubt that the transition was overwhelming. The majority of the canines that he adopted are senior dogs with unique personalities and health conditions. However, while the canines all have their own schedules, diets, and necessary accommodations, Grieg puts in the work like it’s nothing. In fact, he’s a fan of the hard work it takes to care for the sweet creatures.

His Chaotic Yet Wonderful Family

Grieg gets himself up every day at 5 a.m. to produce breakfast for all ten of his canines, who each have a different mealtime regimen. He also must frequently tend to the special needs of his senior pups, take them to grooming appointments, feed them lunch during his break, and get them out of the house, all while maintaining his accounting job. Overwhelmed yet? Well, Grieg doesn’t only have his new pups to take care of. He also has a zoo of other creatures living in and around his home, including chickens, rabbits, ducks, fish, pigeons, and a massive, indoor pig named Bikini. While most people might crumble under the pressure of caring for such a large amount of animals, they seem to be Grieg’s greatest joy in life. And, despite the extra care, he especially loves senior dogs, who are often deemed unadoptable in shelters. “These dogs know who they are and it’s easy to develop a relationship with a…pet who knows who they are,” he said. On Grieg’s Instagram, he shares his chaotically wonderful canine family, and his other pets, with the world. While they might be hard work, they’re pretty gosh darn adorable!

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