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Actor Spends Hour Without Blinking For World Record, But No Guinness Mention

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Paolo Ballesteros is a famous actor from the Philippines. Although he has many talents, he has been getting attention lately for his viral world-record-setting session of keeping his eyes open. For 77 minutes and three seconds, he maintained a steely gaze. Ballesteros stared into the camera, which was recording the hit Phillipino variety show Eat Bulaga. The entire challenged was televised live before a studio audience, as well as millions of fans watching and tweeting from home.

An Unbelievable Challenge

On Eat Bulaga, celebrities from all sides of the entertainment industry come to talk, compete in challenges, and have just as much fun as the audience. When Paolo Ballesteros was a guest on the show, he and Pauleen Luna (a Phillipina celebrity) competed against each other to see who could go the longest without blinking. No one could have imagined just how long this test of wills would have gone on.

Pauleen Luna was able to refrain from blinking for just under 31 minutes, but Ballesteros lasted more than twice as long. As anyone who has ever tried not to blink knows, it takes a lot of will power to keep your eyes wide open. As humans, we instinctually blink our eyes several times a minute. When you go for very long without blinking, your eyes start to burn and get very watery. Both Paolo Ballesteros and Pauleen Luna looked like they been sobbing by the time they finally blinked.

Although Ballesteros broke the world record for going a long time without blinking, he will not receive an official Guinness World Record.

Why Isn’t The Record Official?

To be officially included in the Guinness Book of World Records, a person has to contact the Guinness first. There is a formal application process for becoming a world record holder. Guinness reviews every application and gives detailed explanations as to why an application has been rejected. If the application is accepted, Guinness sends the attempter an official document called the “Guide To Your Evidence.”

This document outlines the exact standards that must be met to become a world record titleholder. After getting a thorough understanding of the rules and getting plenty of practice, the applicant sets up a time and place to meet a Guinness representative and attempt to set a world record. Paolo Ballesteros surpassed the world record for blinking on live television. Still, he will not earn an official Guinness World Record title because he did not apply or get a Guinness representative to watch him set his record.

How The World Responded

In addition to not filling out an application to be an official World Record holder, there is another reason that Paolo Ballesteros did not earn a world record for his incredible display of mental and physical strength. Guinness does not currently have any world record at all for not blinking. If the show had applied and had a Guinness representative on sight, Pauleen Luna and Paolo Ballesteros would have likely both earned a Guinness World record.

According to the New York Post, the previous record for a long period of blinking was held by Julio Jaime, an American man who went without blinking for 65 minutes and 11 seconds. It is not hard to imagine why this incredible story has gone very viralEat Bulaga is a very famous show in the Philippines, and watching someone go more than an hour without blinking is the kind of weird entertainment no one seems to be able to take their eyes off of. If you’re up to it, you can watch the entire challenge on YouTube. The video has over 220,000 views. Tears start flowing around the one hour and 17-minute mark.

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