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27 Years After Adoption At Birth, Truck Driver Discovers A Mind-Blowing Coincidence On Facebook

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While many adopted kids rush to ask their parents about who their birth parents were, or even take the initiative to search for themselves, Nathan Boos was content not to ask questions. His adoptive parents left it to him to ask the questions. It remained that way into adulthood — until a chance encounter on social media changed everything.

When Nathan’s mother found a shocking coincidence on her son’s Facebook page, piece by piece, the real story began to unravel, with the most improbable results. As it turned out, Nathan’s real father was much closer than he or his adopted family could ever have imagined.

1. Space Truckin’

At a relatively young age, 27-seven-year-old Nathan Boos was already deeply engaged in doing the things he loved. He was studying welding at Chippewa Valley Technical College, living in nearby Tilden, Wisconsin. A truck driver, he had been working for Rock Solid Transport for roughly two years, since July 2016.

truck driver

Washington Post

What’s more, Nathan had opened his own trucking company, and was running it. For all intents and purposes, the various aspects of how he was living seemed calm and comfortable. But one of the greatest secrets of his life was right at his fingertips, unseen to him – and he hadn’t the slightest idea.

2. Chosen With Love

While this truck driver’s childhood had not been particularly unusual, it was yet unclear to him how he had come into this world. Nathan had been adopted at birth, and while he had always known that he was adopted, even as a young adult he was still in the dark regarding his own origins.

baby adopted adoption truck driver

There was an important reason for why Nathan did not know anything about his birth parents: his adoptive parents had decided that they wouldn’t tell him who his biological parents were — unless he himself thought to ask them. Meanwhile, they knew the truth. They just never expected how their son would stumble across it without warning.

3. Happy With His Lot

Nathan never imagined that one day he would find his biological parents, nor had he felt any strong desire to initiate a search for them. Like any adopted child, he had always had a curiosity surrounding the subject, but he had not actively reached out to his adoptive parents regarding it.

baby adoption truck driver

New York Post

As long as Nathan didn’t express interest in finding out more information about his birth parents, his adoptive parents remained mum on the subject. As such, they had managed to keep their silence for all those years. But they were all about to make an unbelievable discovery, in the most unlikely place.

4. Career Day

Nathan’s adoptive father had been wanting to check out what the job of a truck driver was really like. So, when Nathan was 23 and had to haul a cargo of soybean meal across the Eastern United States from Illinois to Georgia, his dad decided to tag along for the run.

truck driver nate boos

Facebook/Nate Boos

One night during this father and son cross-country journey, Nathan’s dad said something in conversation that was odd and surprising. Against his and his wife’s usual norms, he spoke up about Nathan’s biological father, and offered some intriguing information for his son. Something about the trip coaxed a detail out of him, even though Nathan didn’t realize it at the time.

5. Shedding Light On The Past

Nathan’s adoptive dad mentioned something strange to his son while they were on their trucking run. He was likely impressed by Nathan’s commitment to his profession as a truck driver, and his clear enthusiasm for it. He told Nathan perhaps this passion for his career stemmed from something in his DNA.

truck driver

Truckers News

Perhaps he was actually driven by his genetics: Nathan’s biological dad, his adoptive father told him, had also been a trucker. He said, therefore, that in his mind it made sense that Nathan had grown up to be a truck driver himself. But Nathan’s response to his father’s comment was quite unusual.

6. Strange Coincidence

In early adolescence, coupled with that need to belong that so many kids his age felt, Nathan had a gnawing feeling that he didn’t quite fit in his family. But since that feeling had dissipated, he had stopped focusing on his birth parents. Still, his dad’s revelation was eerie.

nathan boos adopted truck driver

New York Post

Nathan responded by hypothesizing that he had possibly even worked together with his adoptive dad at some point on the road. But despite that thought, Nathan didn’t pay the comment much mind. So he remained willingly in the dark about his parents’ identity — until a huge coincidence prompted his adoptive mother to deliver an incredible revelation.

7. A Chance Internet Search

What Nathan’s father had told him on their road trip didn’t end up opening Pandora’s box. For nearly four years, there were no new details to surface regarding Nathan’s birth parents, and his adoptive parents continued to respect his lack of interest. That all changed one day in January 2018.

truck driver

New York Post

Nathan’s adoptive mom was on her son’s Facebook page, having a peek at his friends. It was something that any curious mother might do by chance. But among the names and faces in her son’s list of friends was one that left her in absolute disbelief — to the point where she had to collect herself before she informed Nathan.

8. Bob The Driver

From one man’s profile picture and name, Nathan’s mom had been struck aghast. The man in question that had raised her eyebrows was a fellow truck driver named Robert Degaro, whom Nathan knew as Bob. Over the past two years, Bob and Nathan had been co-workers at Rock Solid Transport in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

robert degaro truck driver

Facebook/Robert Degaro

Despite their age difference (when they had met, Nathan was 25 and Bob was 53), the two had become fast friends shortly after Bob had joined the company. They shared a similar sense of humor, they loved teasing their coworkers, and their friendship only grew. That’s when Nathan’s mom called her son to come sit with her.

9. Standing Out

On the cusp of spilling some incredible information to her son, Nathan’s mom revealed to him that she had been peeking at his friends list on Facebook, not expecting anything in particular. Yet by chance, there was one name on the list that stood out to her: Bob Degaro. She recognized him.

bob degaro truck driver

New York Post

Bob Degaro’s was a name that had always lingered in the back of her mind, and she had known him for far long than Nathan had. She opened the friends list on his Facebook, pointed at Bob’s picture, and told her son something that would change his life’s course forever.

10. The Surprise To End All Surprises

Bob Degaro, Nathan’s adoptive mom told her son, just so happened to be his biological father. He was absolutely floored. He then explained to her how he knew Bob — leaving her with another bombshell. She had merely been impressed that they were friends, and thought perhaps they had met on the road.

truck driver

Facebook/Robert Degaro

But she was shocked to learn how her son knew this truck driver. She had not even imagined that two had worked together at the same company, but they were also good friends — and had talked as recently as two hours before! Then, she gave her son one more crucial detail.

11. Missing Link

There was only one piece left to the story of a past Nathan had not begged to know, but now was compelled to confront. His mother then supplied him with the name of his birth mother. Now, it was up to Nathan to decide how to process all of this unbelievable information.

truck driver

Facebook/Nathan Boos

The coincidence was absolutely jaw-dropping. It was obvious to Nathan that now that the cat was out of the bag, this revelation about his life was far too big to keep within his family. So he took a day to reflect as he collected his thoughts, and reached out to his coworker.

12. The First Contact

It was tough to know where to begin, but Nathan decided to use a Facebook message to break the news to Bob. He asked his coworker if he knew the woman whose name his mother had supplied him. That was a name that there was no chance Nathan could have known.

truck driver

Yahoo 7 News

Astonishingly, Bob responded that she was his ex-wife — and when he put two and two together, in his own words, he “about fell out of [his] seat.” They took the conversation from Facebook to phone call. Nathan kept laughing out of sheer surprise, and then learned what had happened when he was born.

13. A Complicated Decision

Bob explained to Nathan what had happened before this serendipitous revelation. Twenty-seven years ago, Bob had been living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. His marriage was on the rocks. What’s more, his ex-wife was pregnant, and because of their financial situation at the time, taking care of a child was simply not possible for them. On top of that, the baby would be born premature.

father son truck driver

Taking care of a child, especially one born early by emergency C-section and likely to have medical issues, wasn’t something the pair were able to shoulder. Bob was terribly regretful, but they wanted to give him a chance for a better life, for parents more equipped to take care of him. They waived parental rights — but chose someone specific.

14. Family Ties

It had been a gut-wrenching decision to make for Bob Degaro and his ex-wife to give up their newborn son, but the couple who would become Nathan’s adoptive parents were, in fact, not arbitrary. They had been specially selected by his biological mother, because they were, in fact, distant relatives of hers, cousins of some sort.

truck driver adoption adopted

New York Post

So, despite the pain of waiving their parental rights, at the end of the day, they had kept it all within the family, with people who they knew. That way, at the bare minimum, they had some inkling of what kind of people would be raising their infant. And Bob had one more bomb to drop.

15. A New Family

Nathan had just discovered his birth father and had a name with which to search for his birth mother when Bob filled him in on one more piece of his identity. Bob and his ex-wife had gone on to have two more children, once their financial situation had evened out.

father son adopted truck driver

New York Post

That meant that Nathan, who for so long had kept the subject of his identity at arm’s length, now had siblings to find! It was a huge rush of emotions, understanding how to relate anew to his coworker — who suddenly had transformed into so much more. And there was the perfect event on the horizon.

16. Perfect Timing

The revelation about his biological father could not have come at a more opportune moment in Nathan Boos’s life. As it just so happened, Nathan was engaged to be married to his sweetheart. Their wedding was set to be the next big milestone in his life, on the horizon for May 2019.

truck driver

Facebook/Nate Boos

It looked as though all of a sudden, purely by chance, many incredible disparate pieces of his life were coming together all at once, with neither rhyme nor reason, all for the betterment of his future. And in light of Nathan and his family’s coincidental discovery, this life event was now going to have a special twist.

17. The Lucky Lady

For a truck driver who’s used to the long haul as an integral part of his work every day, Nathan needed a partner who was equally driven to succeed. His fiancée, Nicole Marie Hein, was just such a woman. By the time of her engagement, she had already racked up years of intensive study.

wisconsin truck driver

Facebook/Nicole Marie Hein

Nicole had grown up a little over an hour east of Nathan, in Athens, Wisconsin. To begin her academic career, she had gone all the way north to Ely, Minnesota, near the wilderness of the Canadian border, where she studied at Vermilion Community College. And she was about to embark on her greatest journey yet.

18. Education-Driven

From community college in Minnesota, Nicole earned an Associate degree before transferring to the University of Wisconsin’s Eau Claire campus to study sociology and gerontology. After two years of study, she took a hiatus from formal university study, in order to focus on getting a license to be a nurse’s assistant.

truck driver wedding engagement

Because of this shift in directions, she was able to find a job that truly spoke to her, working at the state Health Services Department of the Northern Wisconsin Center. The romance between her and her truck driver beau was the match between a left-brained person and a right-brained one. And now, they understood there was going to have to be an adjustment to their wedding plans.

19. Guest Of Honor

The fatherhood revelation now began to take root in Nathan and Bob’s everyday lives. As Nathan’s longtime friend and coworker at the Rock Solid Transport company, Bob Degaro had already been invited to his buddy Nathan’s wedding to Nicole Marie Hein. He was planning to attend, along with his own fiancée, Dee Stanford.

robert degaro truck driver

Facebook/Robert Degaro

But now, in an amazingly beautiful twist of events, Bob Degaro has one more role to fulfill: he could now go to the wedding not as a friend or a representative of the groom’s workplace, but as a father. In the meantime, how have the two men been dealing with the whirlwind of events?

20. Building A New Relationship

Both Bob Degaro and Nathan Boos were both quite in shock about their recent revelation. It was wonderful, but still a lot to process. They had not only found each other, biological father and son, but they continued to see each other all the time, because like it or not, they are coworkers.

bob degaro truck driver

New York Post

They’ve acknowledged that it was peculiar shifting their relationship from being friends to being family, but everything resulted in an ultimately positive manner. In Nathan’s own words, “they’re just taking things one day at a time, or one mile at a time as truck drivers say.” And the improbability of their situation got out to the press, adding yet another amazing development came to their story.

21. Going Viral

In the era of viral sharing, social media, and DNA testing kits, it’s always heartwarming to watch adopted children find their biological parents after yearning to understand their identities for their whole lives. But while these tales of personal triumph and discovery pull at our heartstrings, Nate and Bob’s encounter was surprisingly unique, setting it apart.

truck drier

Facebook/Nicole Marie Hein

For starters, Nathan found out the truth about his birth father when he hadn’t even been looking. What’s more, the fact that they had been working together, let alone that they had become chums, was nigh improbable. The story received coverage everywhere from local Wisconsin news, all the way to the Washington Post. Meanwhile, across the country, a young woman faced a similar situation — with a very different approach.

22. In Need Of Answers

In Avondale, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix, 23-year-old Amy Roberson had been searching for her biological parents all her life. There was simply no avoiding her origins, since by the time she was a toddler, she became keenly aware of the difference in her skin color from that of her parents.

truck driver adopted

Huffington Post

All she had known was her original last name, and that she had been born to a Mexican-American mother and a black father. For years, she had toyed around with Facebook searches, using her original last name, trying to see who she could find in her area that looked like her, all in vain. That all changed with one monumental document.

23. Piece By Piece

Amy’s adoptive mother showed her a legal document that gave her a crucial piece of information about her biological family. It was a power of attorney document, that had allowed her birth mom’s sister to surrender her for adoption — and it came complete with an address. Breathless, Amy went to check if she still lived there, even two decades later.

truck driver adopted

Huffington Post

To her incredible luck, it not only turned out that her biological aunt was still in the same home, but she led her to her birth mom and biological siblings. It was a monumental discovery for Amy’s life. But while this was uplifting and exciting, the chain of events that would lead her to her father was utterly uncanny.

24. Volunteer Work

The secret lay at her fingertips. In her spare time, Amy Roberson threw herself wholeheartedly into doing volunteer work for the betterment of her community. She worked in the soup kitchen at the Phoenix Rescue Mission, a faith-based shelter and charity organization dedicated to helping and rehabilitating the homeless and recovering addicts.

truck driver adopted


There was another department at the mission, where addiction counselors could help guide substance abusers and set them on the path to success and sobriety. One such counselor, a preacher named Will Russell, had succeeded in keeping clean from his own alcohol dependency — and was about to change Amy’s world forever.

25. A Remarkable Reunion

For months, Amy and Will had been working at the same place, albeit in different departments, yet unlike Nathan Boos and Bob Degaro, they had not met one another. Thanks to a clue from her biological aunt, and a phone number, Amy reached out to the man who had been forced to surrender her at birth due to his addiction.

truck driver adopted


After one of the most important phone calls of her life, heavy with decades of built-up emotions, the two made plans to meet up for lunch the next day. During their meal, they caught each other up on the lives they had missed — until Will had to leave early to volunteer. When she asked the place, they both made a jaw-dropping discovery: father and daughter volunteered at the same mission, and had never known it!

Sources: The Washington PostWEAU 13 News

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