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Adorable Alert: These Photogenic Pets Are More Expressive Than Most Humans

Animals are more expressive than you think. Ask any dog lover or cat owner about their pet’s emotions, and you’ll hear a monologue about every single expression, no matter how minute. It’s not just about the domesticated pets, though. Throughout the animal kingdom, you can find an array of photogenic animals that run the gamut between adorable and hilarious!

The Face Of Excitement


This cheeky pup has a face made for the magazines. Have you ever seen such a pure expression of joy in your life? Bowser the pooch is out on a boat, and he’s happier than a pig in the mud. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that dogs are oblivious. Animals always know what’s happening.

Purr-fect Pout


Oh, this cat. It appears to be nothing so much as a living, breathing Precious Moments figurine. Those big, sorrowful eyes beg more eloquently than words ever could. As long as this adorable feline flashes that expression, he’s getting all the catnip. You’ll never believe how the rest of the animal kingdom expresses itself.

The Curious Little Elephant


What did the elephant say when she met the sea lion? Well, this one is clearly jumping for joy. You don’t often think about how animals react to meeting new, unfamiliar creatures, but they’re just as prone to surprise as humans. Wonder if it’s true that an elephant never forgets a face…

Pleading Panda

Given the fact that panda bears basically wear little bandit masks, it always comes as a surprise to watch the furry little guys emote. This petite panda is very clear about his wants. He makes no bones about what he doesn’t want, either, and he does not want to be left alone. Maybe it’s time to move on to a more peaceful animal.


Bow-Wow Bliss

This is the most blissful expression to ever grace a dog’s face. There is nothing in the world happier than this tiny pup. Check out that smile. How can you not fall in love?

Animals are eloquent in their own way, especially if you know enough to read their eyes and expressions. What’s the most photogenic animal you’ve ever met?


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