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Adorable Cat Insists on Joining Family For Dinner At The Table Every Night

No one likes to feel left out, but this is especially true of cats. They cuddle up next to you as you’re trying to sleep, follow you around the house, and more. But one cat was especially adamant about being involved in the family rituals—and it became a tradition so comical that his owners still don’t know what to make of it.

New Cat On The Block

If you consider cats to be like children, Lilou was the “baby” of the family after joining his two older brothers when he was eight weeks old. From the very beginning, he was a curious, mischievous kitten who was very different from his brothers, Pinot and Minou. His owners (or what some might call his parents) loved him for his energetic behavior!

Philipp Kehrein via The Dodo

Quite The Curious Cat

Lilou is probably the most curious cat you have ever seen. According to his “dad,” Philipp Kehrein, Lilou isn’t afraid to question anything considered out of the ordinary.

“He is very lively and curious,” he said. “One time, I was snoring, and he wanted to check where the noise was coming from—so I was woken by a cat putting his very hairy snout in my mouth.”

Philipp Kehrein via The Dodo

It’s Dinnertime!

Lilou follows his “parents” around the house all the time. So, when his mom bought a large climbing tree for him, Lilou used it to perch himself at the dinner table while his parents ate dinner. He was intrigued by their conversation, but especially interested in grabbing any food scraps that came his way.

Philipp Kehrein via The Dodo

A Regular Guest

Lilou quickly became a regular guest at the dinner table. When his parents began remodeling their kitchen and dining room space and starting eating outside on their balcony, what did Lilou do? He joined them, of course! He followed them outside, knowing that he belonged with the family for their nightly meal.

Philipp Kehrein via The Dodo

Stealing Her Seat

The most comedic thing about Lilou is that he loves to steal seats at the dinner table. Every time his mom got up to go into the kitchen, he stole her seat and even tried to steal some of her food.

“Out of our three cats, he likes to eat with us the most,” Kehrein commented.

We’ll always save a seat for you at the dinner table, Lilou.

Philipp Kehrein via The Dodo

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