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These Adorable Pets Surprised Their Owners with the Most Pawsome Gifts

Adorable Pets

Our fur babies might not be able to tell us how much they love us, but they certainly know how to show it! It turns out that pooches are the most charming of gift givers, and while some naysayers will say that it’s just a dog’s basic hunting instincts, we say their resourceful gift ideas are the sweetest and most endearing expressions of love. While some surprises might have owners shrieking in horror, others gifts are heartwarming enough to make them jump for joy. And don’t forget the gifts that have owners rolling on the floor laughing! If you think you’re ready to have your heart melt at all the sheer cuteness, read here to see these adorable pets surprising their owners with the most pawsome gifts ever!

1. I Threw a Ball. She Came Back With a Potato!

This potato head decided to bring back her owner a potato instead of the ball during a game of fetch. Turns out the pooch thought her owner needed it for the cottage pie she wanted to bake for her dinner guests that evening.

Adorable Pets

You can’t blame the poor dog though; the potato must have tasted better than her old ball, the latter of which frequented muddy bushes and shrubs way too often. It’s safe to assume that this bright-eyed and bushy-tailed furry friend made her owner’s day with this hilarious gesture.

2. I’m in a Bit of a Pickle

That’s a really nice looking cucumber — let’s hope the person it belonged to isn’t missing it too much! The truth is, this doggy saw his daddy was in a bit of a pickle and thought the best solution would be to gift him a cucumber to make him feel better.

Adorable Pets

That was, until the owner realized his little canine companion was in fact a cucumber thief. Uh-oh, it was the third cucumber his pooch gifted him, and as it turns out, the fence to the neighbors’ vegetable patch was broken. Let’s just pretend that never happened.

3. Will You Be My Valentine?

It takes a real clever dog like this one to know that a beautiful smelling flower is much more romantic than a smelly dog bone. This sugary-sweet pooch bestowed a red flower to his favorite person just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Adorable Pets

What a heartwarming way for this darling dog to show his affection to his owner. This is what you call a seriously “pawesome” gift! If you think this is the cutest thing in the universe, then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

4. Winner Takes It All

“Come on, bro! Let’s just play five rounds of Grand Theft Auto, and I promise I wont beg for more treats!” You gotta give it to this dog, he certainly knows how to trade very precious household commodities.

Adorable Pets

Most males would agree that if their pooch “gifted” them their Xbox remote control, they would make sure to give their beloved fur-child just about anything, even a bag full of dog treats, just to get the precious the object out of those jaws.

5. Pucker Up!

It looks like this doggie got hold of somebody’s toy! Well, let’s give it to this little prankster— Mrs. Potato Head’s thick rosy lips really look great on her. In fact, it’s quite a fetching new look for this adorable pooch.

Adorable Pets

In all honesty, the poor dog was just very was upset that she was excluded from the last game of dress up, so she decided to take initiative and get the game rolling, sporting her new, cute smile.

6. Smile for Me, Baby!

This little mischievous hound wanted to show off his pearly whites to his owner, but figured it’d be funnier if he borrowed grandma’s dentures just for kicks and giggles. That cute and naughty smile could definitely launch a thousand ships!

Adorable Pets

Maybe this pooch went exploring in his new home and found something interesting lying at the back of the bathroom sink and wanted to show his mommy? Turns out the previous owner of the house was an elderly couple and one of them accidentally left their dentures behind.

7. It’s Happy Hour!

“Yoo-hoo! Yes, you! This marshmallow ain’t gonna roast itself!” This little man knows what’s good in life and nothing was going to curb his sweet tooth craving other than this tasty white marshmallow. He figured he’d get the party started by softening up this already-soft treat.

Adorable Pets

In case you were wondering, that’s exactly where the not-so-hidden stash of marshmallows went. Once this little cutie patootie caught wind of snack time, he found the snack cupboard unlocked and “borrowed” some treats. It’s okay, though, because he apparently “gifts” them straight back to his human friend.

8. Let’s Get to Work

Pooches make the best looking project managers around the house, so why not make use of them? This little hound found his humans very hard at work and wanted to join in on the team effort right away.

Adorable Pets

That face says it all: “You look very busy. Can I be of any assistance? Oh no hold that thought, I’ll quickly grab the duct tape for those loose wires.” That’s right, folks, don’t underestimate your four-legged friends’ paw power!

9. Sharing Is Caring, Right?

“Look, I have a present for you, mommy.” Yes, this naughty pooch likes to take the baby’s favorite teddy bears and recycle them as gifts and peace offerings when he gets up to mischief. The only problem is that he shredded Winnie the Pooh to pieces….

Adorable Pets

This furry friend also believes he makes the best welcoming committee by gifting visitors and guests with shredded “gifts” such as Exhibit A (a.k.a. dead Pooh). We’ve only just gotten warmed up here; continue reading to see some more hilarious and heartwarming pet surprises and gifts.

10. You Forgot the Buns!

This pooch wasn’t impressed with his “hooman” companions for forgetting the most important part of the meal and chose to grab the burger buns out the pantry just in time for the barbecue. “How can you have burgers without the buns?! ‘Tis indeed a very “hooman” error!”

Adorable Pets

The dog definitely deserved a burger or two for her sheer resourcefulness and for keeping the buns in the packet before she handed them over. When it comes to food, you definitely cannot argue with a canine’s taste buds!

11. Gardening Is My Pastime

When the gardener wasn’t doing his job properly, this doggy took matters into his own paws and proved that green thumbs are a thing of the past. With his green paws and super-eager snout, he dug up some weeds “and then some” out of the ground.

Adorable Pets

For his first attempt at gardening this was extremely”pawtastic” work, though this adorable pooch took the meaning of uprooting a bit too seriously. That adorable face turned this messy gift into one of the sweetest of them all.

12. Can We Keep Him, Mommy?

“I found a new friend, mommy. Can we keep her? I know she doesn’t look like me, but we make such a great pair.” When a retriever and baby deer become the bestest of friends, like these two, it would be cruel to separate them.

Adorable Pets

These two unlikely friends found the best kind of companionship in one another, judging by their affectionate greeting. Ain’t that just the cutest scene ever?! If Audrey Hepburn adopted a baby deer as a pet companion, then anyone can.

13. Just Because It’s Wednesday

This precious pup wanted to gift his mama with a pretty flower as a sign of his affection, and boy oh boy, does he have our full affection! That sweet little smile has “Mommy, if you were a flower, I’d pick you” written all over it!

Adorable Pets

Doggies love to present their owners with gifts no matter the occasion. As if this little puppy wasn’t adorable enough, he knew exactly how to brighten up his mommy’s day with an even more adorable gift. This is really “pawesome!”

14. Just Making Sure You Get Your Daily Portion of Greens…

“I couldn’t find that stick you threw, so I brought you a mini tree from the kitchen.” Jokes aside, this concerned pooch wanted to make sure everyone in the family got their daily portion of green veggies, so he decided to grab some from the fridge.

Adorable Pets

The adorable doggy probably often saw his human companions munching on this weird-looking vegetable at dinner and figured it made a great gift, seeing that they like it so much. Now, that’s quite a mouthful right there!

15. Hi Doll, What Would You Like Done Today?

“So what would you like done today, doll? A blow out, a tight perm, or some loose waves?” This pooch might not have much hair herself, but she sure knows how to work that roller hair brush with her lean snout.

Adorable Pets

Whether her owner likes it or not, it doesn’t look like she’s giving up this new toy any time soon. So, this human either has to take up the offer and test out her dog’s hairdressing skills, or she should invest in another hair brush altogether.

16. Breakfast Is Served!

“Wait up daddy, you forgot your breakfast!” Wow, that looks like one appetizing piece of toast, or more like a messy concoction of eggs, oatmeal, cheese, and bread! Whatever it may be, this furry friend found it delicious enough to give to her daddy for breakfast.

Adorable Pets

What a thoughtful little thing; she didn’t want him rushing to the office on an empty stomach. He might have lost his appetite, but we hope you still have an appetite for more because we have some more adorable pet surprises to share. Number 21 will have you rolling on the floor laughing!

17. Forget…Something?

This dog thought it was time to chat to his irresponsible owners about the birds and the bees. “”Uhumm, sorry to interrupt you two love birds, but I think you might have forgotten one tiny but very important little thing….”

Adorable Pets

This furry lad also deserves an honorable mention for having to leave everyone at the pool party and excuse himself from his own canine female friends just to make sure his owner wasn’t up to no good. Kudos to him!

18. I’ll Trade You the Bag for a Treat!

This delightful puppy knows how to use his puppy eyes and bargaining skills to get his own way. He secretly stole this red drawstring sack so he could exchange it for a treat using his puppy eyes. Now that’s what you call some serious skill!

Adorable Pets

Who could say no to such an adorable face like that?! Just give this pup a few more years of practice, and he’ll be trading way more precious household items than this obscure looking red bag.

19. Picnic Ready

“Let me wait by the door, and maybe my human will put some treats in my basket just because I asked ever so nicely.” Indeed, this fluffy pooch strategically placed herself by the door and isn’t just standing there to look pretty.

Adorable Pets

With age comes wisdom, and this dog has her owners all figured out. She knows they’ll be in a good mood when they arrive home, so it’s the best time for her to put on a performance since they won’t be able to resist that sweet face.

20. Meet My Friend, Freddie

Get a dog, they said. It’ll be great fun, they said. Well, this fur baby thought it was a great idea to introduce his new friend Freddie the frog to the family in a very, well, informal setting: on the clean bed sheets!

Adorable Pets

Oh, and did we mention that the poor frog was dead?! Sigh! Trust a cute little dog to bestow a very special gift just before bedtime. Perhaps he was angry and taking revenge when his human friends didn’t give him enough attention for the day?

21. Baby Boss

“You promised me I was your baby, but then you brought that “hooman” baby thing home!!” This furry baby boss just ain’t having it. He invented a new game in protest to his human parents bringing a new baby home without his approval.

Adorable Pets

This funny dog likes to pretend he found the baby’s pacifier by placing it in his mouth and giving it to his mommy. Give the baby pooch long enough that when said baby human grows up, the two might actually be in cahoots with one another and prank their mommy just for fun.

22. I’d Like Some French Fries & A Fudge Sundae

“Hi, I’d like some dog treats, french fries, and a hot fudge sundae ice-cream to go along with that. Thanks!” This hound had his game face on and literally put his money where his mouth is. He was in no mood to negotiate.

Adorable Pets

That’s right, the pooch had the “pawdacity” to ask his owner for these treats only moments after he ate a nice wholesome bowl of dinner. Well you know what they say: finders keepers (losers weepers). Are you just loving these adorable pets surprises? Well, read on for some more.

23. Flower Girl Ready

Awwww, this lotus flower made the perfect crowned jewel because it adorned the beautiful face of this adorable little furry friend. “Don’t you look at me that way, human! You’re the one that put that flower there.”

Adorable Pets

Have you ever seen a face more adorable in your life? This doggy would definitely make the most beautiful flower girl in the world even though she doesn’t look too impressed with that large flower on her forehead.

24. I Was Just Getting the Snacks

Do you remember the time your pooch brought you snacks, but pulled the “Yep, you caught me in the act” guilty face? Well in case you forgot, this dog is here to remind you what that looks like.

Adorable Pets

“Let me just sneak by the bathroom, because that’s the best place to give my human friend Pringles and he won’t ever suspect that I ate half the tube. Yes I’m a genius, if I bring them here. He won’t think any different.” Yes, pooch, keep telling yourself that. We forgive you for being so cute!

25. These Look Stylish?

Be sure to ask a pug for style advice in case you aren’t sure which shoes to sport in the morning. This poochie thought a pair of Crocs would look great on his owner, who must have been in a huge hurry seeing that he needed his dog had to dress him.

Adorable Pets

It’s safe to assume that his owner took his pug’s advice because there is only one shoe in his mouth and he’s looking pretty smug about life. The pooch even got a badge of approval with his cute face plastered on the wall clock behind him. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

26. You Can Lean On Me

Anyone in their right mind would forgive this doggy for rearranging the furniture and chewing on the cream cushion from the formal living room. Just look at those eyes! Maybe his human looked really tired and all this pooch wanted to do was bring a pillow so his owner could enjoy a few moments of rest?

Adorable Pets

Let’s be honest, this cushion appears to be in dire need of some serious dry cleaning, so the dog was only doing his human a favor by reminding him how dirty it looked. It’s a lesson to invest in darker furniture in the future, especially when there’s a pooch around.

27. I Thought You Might Be Hungry?

This little bugger didn’t want anyone going hungry under his roof, and he thought some corn on the cob would hit the right spot. Just look at those beautiful brown eyes begging for a nod of approval and appreciation!

Adorable Pets

This pooch ain’t taking no attitude, though! He was kind enough to bring a nutritious gift all the way from the kitchen and worked hard to jump on the counter to snatch it out of the pot. Come on, he really does deserve a cuddle and tummy tickle.

28. Did Someone Say Pool Time?

Pool time wouldn’t be the same without an adorable golden retriever donning a straw sun hat, but in this case the responsible canine wanted to ensure no one got sun stroke under her watch. Let’s hope the pooch didn’t have to make several runs for some water and sunscreen.

Adorable Pets

There’s nothing more adorable than a pet on a mission, so this fur baby gets 10 points for being uber cute and reliable. Let’s just put it this way: this retriever knew that a sunburnt human wouldn’t be able to feed her dinner later, so she was just looking out for everyone!

29. He Looked Lost, So…

“I found this little guy in the garden and he looked a little well, lost. Can we keep him?” This thoughtful doggie found a friend and decided it was time to expand the family with another adorable pet.

Adorable Pets

By the looks of it, this hound gifted his new friend to the family in the hopes of upgrading their game of fetch with a sturdier object. Unfortunately, that old soccer ball just wasn’t doing the trick anymore, and this little tortoise’s hard shell seemed like the perfect makeshift ball.

30. That Dress Looks Better On the Hanger

It seems like this pooch has some serious style advice for its beloved owner. After all, this cutie patootie knows her owner best and wants her to look as ravishing as she can on her date. Judging by the dog’s facial expression, something just doesn’t sit right with her.

Adorable Pets

Holding up the hanger is the dog’s way of telling her “hooman” that the dress she’s trying to rock is a bit outdated and would probably look better on the hanger. That’s not to say this fur babe won’t nod in excitement when they finally agree on the same cute dress.

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