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This Adorable Service-Dog-In-Training Spent The Day At Disneyland And The Photos Are Pure Magic

Disneyland is genuinely one of the most joyful spots in the universe. Why shouldn’t dogs be allowed to get in on the magic? This good boy got the chance to spend a perfect day at Disneyland…and he clearly had the time of his life.

Elijah’s Incredible Purpose

Since he was just eight weeks old, gentle Elijah has had an incredible purpose. The canine, who turned two years old in 2019, was groomed to become a service dog since he was a mere puppy. Through the nonprofit company Canine Companions for Independence, Elijah came into the care of puppy-raiser Ashley Wilt. As he grew up, Wilt got to witness the loving nature of Elijah.


As a volunteer for CCI, Wilt raised Elijah as an empowered and peaceful pup. Her goal was to help him become a well-adjusted, happy dog that could eventually excel in service dog training. A trip to Disneyland may not seem like a typical pre-training activity. However, Elijah proved how beneficial a little magical fun could be!

A Perfect Day At Disneyland

Wilt wanted to take Elijah to a super fun, happy location. So, why not Disneyland, the literal “happiest place on earth”? From the looks of the photos Wilt snapped, it seems like Elijah truly had a blast. You would think the pup had been a lifelong Disney fan!


Along the way, Elijah got pictures with a plethora of treasured characters. He scored snapshots with everyone from Snow White to Winnie the Poo. He also looks really sweet and cuddly in each picture. It seems like the characters loved him too, right? It’s obvious that his trip to Disneyland was a magical experience for Elijah. Still, the adventure wasn’t all for fun and games.

More Than An Adventure

One of the most important parts of Elijah’s early training was to prepare him for real-world service. Outings are important to any service dog’s social development and temperament. And Disneyland is full of noise, color, music, and movement…plenty of stuff that Elijah would eventually deal with on a daily basis. Why not have a little fun while working?


Thankfully, Elijah totally rocked his stimulating trip. From the looks of it, he left a positive impression on everyone he met along the way. And although Wilt eventually would have to bid Elijah adieu, they shared a pretty special day in Disneyland together. Wilt is grateful for all the memories the duo made…and for Elijah to eventually bring magic to someone else!

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