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The Internet Can’t Stop Watching The Adorable Snoot Challenge

The “Snoot Challenge” is taking dog lovers to a new level. If you need a quick mood booster, this is the cutest challenge to hit social media.

So, What Is #SnootChallenge?

Challenge participants ask their dog to touch their noses to the middle of a circle made with their hands or an object with a hole in the middle.

While some pups grasp the concept immediately, others have some adorable fails.

To help guide their pooches along, owners shape their hands into a heart or a circle to provide a hole for their dog to put their snouts in. Smaller breeds can play the game using their humans two fingers. Owners may also choose to use toys with holes in the middle or circular shaped food. Doughnuts and toast with cutouts are all popular options.

The Fails Are Even More Hilarious

For some four-legged cuties, even the prospect of eating a doughnut couldn’t help them play the game. The hilarious fails are even cuter than the success stories.

While the snoot challenge may have started out as one for the dogs, cat lovers are also getting in on the action. After all, cats have snouts too.

For The Love Of The Pooch

Although this game may seem like an easy party trick, there’s more coordination involved than you’d think. Between the training and laughs though, this could quickly become your dog’s favorite game. And a favorite bonding experience for you.

If you haven’t seen this viral craze, you’re in for a treat. Pun intended. This might be the cutest thing to ever hit the internet.

You’ll quickly see why the “Snoot Challenge” has thousands of willing participants. Both two and four-legged pals are eager to show their love for the each other.

Check out the video below for all the adorable attempts. Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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