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North Carolina Mother Posts Viral Plea to Stop Standardized Tests For Pupils

A mother of four in eastern North Carolina is pleading for a review of the end-of-grade tests in the state as they only add burden to the students already facing pressure to do good in school, and being liked by their peers.

Adrian Wood, a former preschool teacher, recounted how her third-grade son had to endure an intense pain on his jaw because he couldn’t miss the tests administered at their school in order to move up to fourth grade.

“How did it come to this?” she wrote in her blog, Tales of an Educated Debutante. “He’s a good student, only nine, and I’m reminded of his brother last year before the EOGs. I don’t know what else to do.”

But she’s not content at just whining. Wood actually talked to the principal and his son’s teacher. She also discussed the matter with the school superintendent, all the way up to Governor Roy Cooper. She wrote senators and representatives in order to get answers of how the standardized tests help the students.

“I spoke quite a while to First Lady Cooper’s chief of staff who interestingly enough refuses to allow her children to participate in NC EOGs,” she said. “I can’t find one person that praises them or offers valuable benefits. I hear about showing growth, but who gives a s**t?”

Wood also posted the blog on her Facebook page as she solicited support from her followers to lobby for state to get rid of the end-of-grade tests as a requirement for students to move up one grade.

The post was shared 2,293 times as of this writing, and also received nearly 700 comments. Most of the commenters supported her advocacy as they also could not see the benefits of the end-of-grade tests. Some of the words used in describing the standardized tests include “ridiculous,” “stressful,” “horrible” and “a nightmare.”  One commenter puts it, “there must be a better way to measure learning.”

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