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The Stunning Adventures Of This Photographer And His Adorable Wolfdog Will Fill You With Wanderlust

When the beauty of nature and the adorableness of dogs mesh together, you get Honza Řeháček’s gorgeous photography. He tracks his adventures with his wolfdog, Sitka, through spectacular shots of the stunning canine in nature. And Sitka does a brilliant job showcasing her vibrant spirit in every one of his pictures!

The Star Of Řeháček’s Shots

Many freelance photographers have people, animals, or places that serve as muses for some of their best shots. For Honza Řeháček, this honor goes to his gorgeous wolfdog, Sitka. While the beautiful pup may seem to have been created to model for Řeháček, the duo wasn’t always together, and Řeháček had to go through some turmoil to reach her.



What Led Him To Sitka

Back in 2014, Řeháček was feeling a lack of direction in his life. As a result, he decided to start traveling around his home country, the Czech Republic, pursuing purpose through his photography. About a month into his adventures, he encountered Sitka, and immediately fell in love with the sweet wolfdog. Not long after, Sitka became the subject of nearly all of his photography!



A Spectacular Shift In Perspective

It’s undeniable that Sitka is a cute subject and Řeháček has fallen in love with bringing her along on his wilderness adventures. Řeháček has always been a fan of shooting in dramatic settings in nature, and Sitka has enhanced this passion even more. In many ways, Řeháček believes that Sitka has opened his eyes to just how gorgeous the world can be.



Capturing The Spirit Of Sitka

In his photographs, Řeháček captures Sitka enjoying nature, from taking in a sunset to playing in bushes to rolling in the snow. His dramatic shots feature the spectacularness of the wilderness but also showcase the loving, playful spirit of the pup who transformed his life. Sitka truly seems to love their shared adventures, and Řeháček credits Sitka for changing his life forever.


Řeháček’s Appreciation For His Pup

After going from such a low place to appreciating the world again, Řeháček can’t imagine life without Sitka’s spirit. He takes photos of their travels to ensure that he’ll never lose a single moment with his precious best friend! Luckily for us, he tracks all of his adorable adventures with Sitka on an Instagram account, @kopernikk. If you’re looking for some truly precious wanderlust, Řeháček and Sitka’s stunning photos are a spectacular place to turn.


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