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5 Affordable Winter Getaways To Escape The Snow

If you’re tired of shoveling snow and wearing layers upon layers, it might be time for a getaway. While traveling somewhere warm and sunny may sound expensive, it doesn’t have to be. There are tons of cities and countries to be explored during the winter months that won’t break the bank. Trade your mittens in for an umbrella drink and check out a few of these affordable beach destinations.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is a hidden gem. With white sand beaches and water as far as the eye can see, you’ll forget all about the snow back home. There are no cars allowed on the island so golf carts are the fastest moving vehicles you will find. This helps add to the slow-paced vibes of the island. There’s a ton of kayaking and snorkeling and miles of coast to explore. Because it’s not as touristy as other parts of Mexico, you can often score great deals on hotels and dining. You’ll also save on transportation costs since the island is all walkable. A hotel will cost you around $115 per night and the average restaurant ticket is $12 per meal.

EmilianDanaila / Pixabay

Bangkok, Thailand

In the summer, Bangkok is extremely hot and balmy. Lucky for you snowbirds from November to April, the temperature is a comfortable 80 degrees on average. If you’ve been searching for an Asian vacation, Bangkok is a lot more affordable than other popular cities. Taxis will cost you less than $2 per mile and you can often eat at a restaurant for $1.50. Hotels are also extremely affordable ranging from $20-$100 on average. In the winter, you can also take part in the dazzling Chinese New Year festivities in December.

sasint / Pixabay

Galveston, Texas

For a tropical beach getaway without leaving the United States, look no further than Galveston Island in Texas. Galveston is located 50-miles from Houston so flights are plentiful and affordable. With an average temperature of 65 degrees in the winter, Galveston never gets snow. The island is only 27 miles long so it’s small enough to explore in a long weekend. With ideal temperatures and miles of coastline, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the tropics.  A night away in Galveston will run around $150 per night and a meal will cost between $10-$45.

bluebasil / Pixabay


If you’re looking for a warm winter getaway in an exotic location, Peru is a beautiful and affordable option. This coastal village is located a few hours south of Lima and is surrounded by blue water, lush cliffs, and incredible wildlife. You can also explore miles of sand dunes and amazing tree lines. Meals and cocktails are incredibly fresh and affordable. Your bill for a day eating out in Peru will usually top off at $20 with drinks costing under a $1. A night’s stay in Peru will cost around $25-$125 per night.

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Hawaii is a great option for those looking to travel domestically. While some parts of Hawaii can be incredibly expensive, there are still quite a few towns and beaches that are quaint and affordable. You’ll also save quite a bit of money if you travel between September and early December. After the holidays, flights and hotels tend to increase considerably. Flights in Hawaii during the offseason for example, are at least 40% less than during peak season. Hotels can be up to 50% off during the offseason.

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