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This Afghan Hound Costs $15,000 To Groom, And He Just Slays

AJ Nirvana Battle, a 3-year-old Afghan Wolfhound, could possibly be the most spoiled pet in the world. Battle’s owner, Kevin Chan, has spent over $15,000 so far making sure that his best friend’s coat is well-groomed and beautiful at all times. Read on to see the photographs Kevin has taken of his runway-ready wolfhound.

Model Pose

When Kevin first met Battle, he thought the dog was the most beautiful dog he’d ever seen. He wanted to keep it that way, so he invested in top of the line grooming equipment and got to work. Battle is always prepped and ready for his model sessions in front of the camera.

Bath Time

All that fur takes a lot of work to keep clean and untangled, but Kevin doesn’t mind. He gives Battle a bath every 7 to 10 days, using special shampoos. He spends about $700 on the stuff each month. After his bath, Battle is ready for the brush and the blow dryer. Kevin has to take special care to keep Battle’s hair smooth and soft.

Wind In His Hair

Kevin knew how lovely Battle was with his long and soft flowing fur. He didn’t want to keep that beauty all to himself, so he took a photography class. He learned about lighting and how to pose Battle to get the best shots. It looks like Battle enjoys getting his picture taken. Look at the way he poses with the wind blowing his fur!

Photo Session

Kevin and Battle live in Beijing, China and they love to travel to different places to change the landscape of the photographs they take. Battle even has his own collection of collars and scarves to add drama to his photo shoots. He looks so comfortable in costume. What a pro!

Best Friends

This is a story about a man who loves his dog. They’re best friends and spend a lot of time together, traveling, taking photos, enjoying the breeze and the fresh air in their hometown. Kevin doesn’t care how much it costs to keep Battle’s coat beauty, as long as he’s happy. After all, he’s family.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved